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  1. UPDATE in Post #17 - Anyone here familiar with MA's unemployment web site?

    My son had a similar experience to the OPs. He also noted the broken contact us link. The inbox message indicated that 'proof of income' was needed. You have to click on the number of the message. One message said they needed to verify with the employer, another said to send in W2s or an...
  2. Having a Rusty Nail

    I can't wait to see what is posted after 10:00 tonight... :)
  3. CMP 25% off Ammo with purchase of M1

    After perusing the CMP site and eStore, I don't see any reference to this discount. The price seems to be the price. ...Not sure how they'd react to me discounting the price on the orer form by 25%.
  4. ?

    Alpha's gonna report you...[rofl]

    They are reporting that Lizzy may lose in her home state and drop out...
  6. EMP shield for amateur radio

    I was told that you could put it in a microwave oven. Pick one up at the dump and keep it in the basement. The EMP threat, Microwave Ovens and Faraday Cages. could-a-microwave-save-your-electronics-during-an-emp-a-5902325 Regarding the AE: Keep reviewing the questions online. Take the sample...
  7. Vermont Sen Baruth bill to ban carry of ANY semi auto.....

    News Report on 2nd Amendments Sanctuary VT Looks like they are getting attention...
  8. Vermont Sen Baruth bill to ban carry of ANY semi auto.....

    Apparently, Pittsburgh has also joined the 2A sanctuary list... Gun Owners of Vermont FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 22nd, 2020 Towns of Pittsford, Holland, Become First Second Amendment Sanctuary Towns in Vermont. In two unanimous votes, gun owners and their allies in freedom stood today...
  9. Vermont Sen Baruth bill to ban carry of ANY semi auto.....

    It has been reported that Holland Vermont passed a 2A sanctuary resolution tonight. We’re working on a couple more towns in the NEK.
  10. Vermont Sen Baruth bill to ban carry of ANY semi auto..... Some folks outside of metro-Burlington have had enough.
  11. 5320.20

    They are present when the form is printed. I signed my spot regardless (over the 'X'). We'll see if it flies. If they reject it, I'll resubmit with a clear signature. Thanks.
  12. 5320.20

    This is how it comes-up for me (on a Mac Air).
  13. 5320.20

    Looks like they updated the form. Can anyone explain why there is an 'X' through the signature box? Application to Transport Interstate or to Temporarily Export Certain National Firearms Act (ATF Form 5320.20)
  14. My first 45-70

    Boolits look like lipstick. :)
  15. Proposed bill would ban cellphone use for anyone under 21

    Sen. John Rogers - Proposed VT Cellphone Law Yes. He is solidly on the side of 2A.
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