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  1. Senate rejects expanded gun background checks

    I realize this is being hotly tracked here: but wanted to give a simple, easy to find link to the final outcome: Senate rejects expanded gun background checks -...
  2. iPhone 5 survives gunshot

    In a related moment of YouTube hilarity: - Dave
  3. Easy to join/Laid back club in southern NH

    Cool. I hear they have about 700 members and are still growing. I got to speak with the VP, Richard Tracy, this morning and will be attending next Tuesday evening's monthly meeting. If I like the place as much as I think I will, I'll be joining right there on the spot. - Dave
  4. Compact .45 semi-autos for CCW

    I tried carrying my SW1911 Pro in the 4:30-5-o'clock position (technically, the 7-7:30 position, being a leftie) and the stock tucked in nicely ... 'til I sat down, at which point it made a tent out of the back of my shirt. Does yours stay tucked, even when seated? How far forward do you have...
  5. Two gun shops appear to be opening in Merrimack NH

    I hadn't seen an official thread for my most favorite LGS (Merrimack Firearms) yet, so I created a new one: As mentioned elsewhere/everywhere in this thread, Tim and Steve are awesome. - Dave
  6. Merrimack Firearms

    Thanks for the pointer to the previous thread. I'll add a forward pointer from that thread to this one, just to make it easier to find. - Dave
  7. Merrimack Firearms

    [I didn't see a previous thread for my LGS, so here goes ...] Merrimack Firearms 416 Daniel Webster Highway Merrimack, NH 03054 Website: Google+: Facebook...
  8. Manchester Firing Line

    I too am looking forward to them reopening the old range. I have a "virgin" Mossberg 500 that, after several months, still hasn't been out to any range yet. My wife and I have a membership and are at the range every Wednesday afternoon. We keep politely asking for an ETA on the renovation...
  9. Easy to join/Laid back club in southern NH

    I just wanted to thank you for this recommendation. The Londonderry club looks to be just the ticket for me and my wife. I contacted the president, Richard Olson, and hope to get a grand tour some time this week before I PayPal my $$$ to the club. Being an uber-geek, I love the fact that...
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