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  1. Recent MA Glock prices?

    Is the transfer limit mentioned anywhere? Trap or not, I’d like to see this in writing. I have always thought it was 5 per calendar year, at least that’s what I have heard.
  2. Pocket holster

    Keep the soft and pliable materials for storing women’s cosmetics. Protect that trigger from accidental pull with Kydex or something similar. As someone else mentioned Vedder Pocket Locker would also be me my first choice.
  3. Recent MA Glock prices?

    Just curious. Am I missing something here. Any truth to this or just speculation? Will Glocks ever be impossible to get in this state?
  4. You got the money?

    I’ll hold out for the space age polymer version.
  5. Minuteman Armory (Templeton) Ceasing Retail Operations

    Also want to add... popped over to MMA website, just for a last look before its officially gone. So refreshing to see, an industry site in MA from the (ahem) modern era, quite reflective of the storefront shop. Clean, simple and intuitive, inviting and honest. Shops out there could take a page...
  6. Minuteman Armory (Templeton) Ceasing Retail Operations

    So much truth to this. I had spent 90 minutes in a car to make a purchase one day, well worth it. Prior to the sale, I can’t count the numerous times Alex helped me out over the phone to answer countless questions. Greeted me with a smile, and a firm handshake when I met him directly. The sale...
  7. 2020 Harvard Steel challenge

    Ramon. This thread has caught my attention, the rimfire bug has bitten. Looking forward to April as our first steel challenge event. Going to reach via email now. TY!
  8. Looking for 9mm PCC input

    CZ Scorpion. Easy to clean and easy on the eyes. An amazing shooter as well.
  9. Optic mounted far forward...

    Thanks for the response. In retrospect this makes sense now. I didn’t think balance would be a factor which explains why I am seeing optics mounted anywhere along the rail. In my thinking process, before your response, I was also thinking it was to allow for people to find a spot along the rail...
  10. Optic mounted far forward...

    Just purchased a Mark IV / Volquartsen 22 pistol. Would like to hear opinions on mounting a Red Dot optic, specifically location. Been noticing similar setups where optics are mounted way forward. Is there a reason for this? Is it to clear the ejection port?
  11. Anyone else into air guns?

    Got into PCPs a few years ago, went all out on a competitive setup. Invested a lot of dough into a single rifle setup, compared to my current real guns. It still amazes me how much you could spend on high pressure air. Dead accurate and could stack pellets on top of each other all day long...
  12. New gun shooting low

    Just got back from the range. First off thanks everyone who contributed. Very helpful, even all the nerdy ballistics stuff :p Getting used to this Glock trigger and taking some of these posts into consideration, I have to say that MOST of my shots seem to have been corrected, I stress MOST. 75...
  13. One pistol do all mindset

    Well things have changed in the last several weeks. I’m the OP who started this mess. Just an update on where I’m at now. • I’m now a member of an indoor range, once a week exercising my index finger, feels exhilarating with every squeeze. • My collection has surely grown, which includes the...
  14. 101st Airborne 1st to be issued M17-M18 (Sig) 9mm

    Old thread I know... Just got the email fro Sig Sauer M18 Now Available to the public. Just sayin'.
  15. New gun shooting low

    It’s not the plastic sights. It came with Glock night sights which are not plastic.
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