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  1. Roadkill

    Still here and haven’t gone crazy yet. From Julia Child volume 1: Skinless Turkey breast sliced into 2x1 inch strips (against grain) - *she uses chicken breast Let warm to room temp Salt and pepper heavily Heat olive oil and table spoon butter Toss turkey in flour - shake out and add to pan...
  2. Roadkill

    My feeling exactly. The breasts seem fine and were untouched. I’ve shot allot of turkey, so I have a base line. It was the partially eaten tail gave me a bit of pause and I needed to shout it out to you guys for perspective. Thanks!
  3. Roadkill

    They made short work on that deer. I am in Westport. I am assuming a Raccoon then.
  4. Roadkill

    So I hit a turkey last night with my truck. Seemed in good shape so I hung him off the back of my house. This morning I realized he was too low as something chewed into the lower back. I am assuming it was a raccoon, as a coyote wouldn’t have come that close to the house. I breasted out the bird...
  5. Long range rifle training - hunting

    Absolutely! This article was great, but like all things on the web, you talk yourself in and out of anything, still think 300 win mag. .300 Win Mag vs .30-06 Sprg – Cartridge Comparison | Sniper Country
  6. Long range rifle training - hunting

    Not 100% - maybe 300win mag
  7. Long range rifle training - hunting

    Thanks for the feedback. Shots are average 300- 400 yards. Looking for some real training. Didn’t know Sig offered riffle. I’ll look again at Sig and research the facility. I am a member of woodcock in Dartmouth they are I think out to 500. I’ll ask around there as well.
  8. Long range rifle training - hunting

    Looking at sheep / Ibex in Kyrgyzstan Thanks. Vin
  9. Long range rifle training - hunting

    Hello - I am planning a sheep hunt and would like to brush up on my long range skills. Is there a coarse available in greater New England? Thank you. Vin
  10. Anyone going goose hunting in central MA soon?

    Anybody near Westport, I am always up for late goose.
  11. ? on New Hampshire Hunting Laws and handguns

    Thanks Kevin. I apreciate the information.
  12. ? on New Hampshire Hunting Laws and handguns

    Can you carry a sidearm hunting in NH? This is an old post - But I am headed to Pittsburgh bird hunting and wondering about bears. I am sure not an issue, but if i I have the .44 why not bring..? Thanks. V
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