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  1. Coonan 357 Magnum- Comp Model

    Factory compensated model. Only a couple hundred rounds fired. Includes everything from factory with a total of 4 magazines. That is $1200 in magazines alone. Just do some research yourself and see. . Location- Worcester Price is $4000 Will not ship. No exceptions 508 seven six nine 261nine
  2. Coonan 357

  3. S&W 351 PD

    Looking for a Smith and Wesson 351 PD Must be in very good condition
  4. 45acp Brass

    These have been sorted out for my personal reloading use but I have more than I need. Can meet in or around Worcester. 508 seven six nine 261nine Clean and only cases in good condition. 45acp 500 for $40 5000 available for sale
  5. Coonan 357

  6. Coonan 357

    Let me know if you have one you're thinking about selling 508 seven six nine 2 6 one nine
  7. Sold thanks NES

  8. Coonan 357

    Looking for a Coonan. Would prefer model B. I know it's a long shot but would really like to find a compact model.
  9. RCBS .380 Auto Carbine Die Set

    In new condition. Will meet in or around Worcester. Price is $50 508 seven six nine 2 6 one 9
  10. Sold

  11. Dillon 650/750

    Looking to buy a second press. Would like for it to be Dillon 650 or 750. If you are tired of waiting for reloading materials and want to liquidate equipment that is sitting unused. Let me know what you have and how much?
  12. Springfield TRP Operator 10mm 5"

  13. WTT Remove

  14. LAR Grizzly 45 SOLD SOLD

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