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  1. Any photographers on here? Show us some of your work!

    me too, lot of talent on NES.
  2. Yellowstone Park

    I think that's very dependent on when you go. In May you see wildlife all day long cause it's cold 30-50 typically. 6-8 (and 6-7 pm) is still better but you see plenty all day. In early June I think its also true but once it gets warm yeah, you gotta go early.
  3. Yellowstone Park

    When it does we won't be safe over here.
  4. Yellowstone Park

    There's other Yellowstone threads with lots of good info about the park. I won't repeat what I said but will add that we rented a Nikon Spotting scope and wouldn't do it again, it's just a lot of work and money ($120?) and while useful for watching wolves, there's so much to see you can miss...
  5. Warning Amazon Prime Phish

    No legit vendor ever says "your account is not valid, click here."
  6. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    companies are canceling any events where you'd have people coming from China. They will come up with excuses like cost cutting but they just don't want the infested coming over. In our PC world they don't want to say "No Asians" so they just cancel.
  7. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    The mask orders they cancelled on me haven't cost me anything. the virus sounds like a wolf, it targets the ill and weak, (and smokers.) The wolf makes the elk herd stronger and healthier. it may sound cruel, but the human race has a choice of pain now, or greater pain later.
  8. Deals and steals

    Just order some 70% ipa with it.
  9. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    wealth today is very paper-based, but that is rapidly changing, because the elites know when currencies collapse, it goes back to traditional wealth - land, gold, fine art, collectibles etc. Trade that worthless fiat for hard assets as fast as you can. The elites are buying up land.
  10. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    As a weed I can't say I'm onboard It is nature's way, you need a forest fire to restore balance now and then. The way our governments pay the poor to have 12 kids, and deflate currencies to create huge wealth divides, makes things very unbalanced.
  11. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I'm not caught up on the thread, but this week the CDC finally agreed with China that it spreads when you're asymptomatic, and they also said something about it being a long incubation period, and you may recover temporarily before it gets worse. These two things pretty much mean it's going to...
  12. 5.56 Rfiles and Massachusetts

    +1 if you're not already used to the AR control scheme, just get a Tavor. Other options include Bren 805, Sig MCX, a few others, but mostly starting at like $1600.
  13. Sports Illustrated SwimSuit Model Edition - 2020

    pretty face, can't tell much else but it's a very cool picture.
  14. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    stopped at age 4-5 for us, hang in there.
  15. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Or in the Office when they point a UV light at the hotel room ceiling and Michael says "I hope that's blood."
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