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  1. Gun shop planning to open near Dedham playground, community outraged

    Len I know, but they still sell ammo. Whats to stop me from purchasing some 22's and hitting them with a hammer at the local park? :rolleyes:
  2. Gun shop planning to open near Dedham playground, community outraged

    Purchased a gun from them. Seem like good guys. You have to be buzzed into the place. Nothing around but Chinese and a Dunkys. The popo at dunkys should protect things. Just more stupidity from the town. No one seems to complain about the gun shop near Legacy Place.
  3. Calling All NES Auto Body Experts

    Looks like a bad plating job. Most all AM parts guys guarantee their parts for 90 days. Your insurance company could have different guarantees with the AM company though.
  4. Might be time to bust open the piggy bank for these...

    Free shipping:rolleyes:
  5. Encore Boston comes to its senses!

    Just more greed on the part of the casinos at work.
  6. GA school district teaches/arms teachers; posts signs

    About time someone did something smart.
  7. Looking for a new range toy

    I have one as well. Eats any 9mm ammo, even the cheapest crap and still shoots great. No kick at all at this caliber.

    Nice! Do we get to stay at the same hotel Jeffery Epstien used all those years?
  9. Sleep improvement...

    I have just the nose mask. Similar to the pillows but covers the nose. Some nights are better than others. I am starting to sleep better, and longer since i started to have dreams again. Weird ones, but none the less unless you are going into REM you will not dream, so the mask is starting to...
  10. Sleep improvement...

    Just got a machine myself a few weeks back. They said i was stopping breathing 53 times in one hour. Huh? In any case, still trying to get used to this damn thing. Not comfortable at all. Forget about sleeping on your stomach.
  11. SPAM phone calls

    I have even received calls from myself according to my caller id. Unreal. 5-8 a day. The national do not call list is a friggin joke.
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