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  • Your Mailbox is full bud........... I sent that pack US priority mail ??????????? I will dig up the DC #

    take care bud........
    clear your inbox! its too full.

    but to answer your question, yes ammo is still available.
    Hey sarge, how's life man? I've been able to find a little work. Talked to my army recruiter today. I think I'm still about a month or to away from committing but I'm pretty close to a positive decision. You interested in another ar? I've got a wicked nice A4 set up. (just needs an acog) It's worth a bit more than your sig but we could probably figure some thing out if your interested. Just curious. Also, does your sig have night sights? Lemme know...
    Thanks, dave
    I tried calling you and got a funny message. You get a new number?
    Your inbox is full and will not except messages.

    Charging handle is $25.00 and a complete BCG is $128.00
    I have them in stock. and shipping in MA. would only be $10.00.

    Just checking to make sure we STILL have a deal @ $170.00 shipped and that you have or are in the process of sending the funds.

    Sgt. Silva...just left you positive feedback would appreciate if you do the same for me. Tried sending you a PM letting you know the package is on the way but your box is full. Here's the tracking # per your request: 1Z010X500313473741 UPS said you should have it as soon as tomorrow. Thanks

    Hey SGT, it's Rich Nutile from North Shore. Still interested in buying my custom 229 w/ the bronze frame, 2 slides and laser grips?? call me if you are @ 603-630-0538

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