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  1. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    I applied for my renewal on April 2nd. Still waiting as of today. My LTC expired a month ago so I'm 1/3rd of the way through my 'grace period'. What happens if they don't get my LTC done before the grace period expires? Do they come kick in my door on a no-knock, shoot my dog and make me a felon?
  2. LaRue Tactical order

    Yeah it is! I'm going to have to order more stuff just to get the rub when I run out.
  3. AR-15 Question

    You can absolutely get them. Trouble is no one seems to have anything other than 16" M4 style AR's right now because Manufacturers are cranking them out thinking that's all people are looking for.
  4. How many AR mags for SHTF?

    I like your confidence! [laugh]
  5. How many AR mags for SHTF?

    Of course the current scenario assumes you're bugging out to another location or OTM somewhere. In the event you stay in place in your residence you would be better served by having more than 3 (is that a joke?) mags on hand. When the Zombie apocalypse happens and you have to stop blasting...
  6. How many AR mags for SHTF?

    Whoah! Where did you find a 1911 that uses clips!? That's awesome! Where can I get one?
  7. How many AR mags for SHTF?

    The perpetual answer to this question is "One more than what you have"
  8. ARMS vs Troy lawsuit. ARMS wins.

    Oh, dur! Thanks. Trying to do too many things at once fails me again in reading comprehension.
  9. ARMS vs Troy lawsuit. ARMS wins.

    Anyone know what products Troy allegedly infringed upon?
  10. Upgrade my ltc-a? (moving to a new town)

    I believe everyone above is 100% correct. However, I did the exact thing you're talking about and they wouldn't let me upgrade from a B to an A which they give exclusively. The reason they gave was "we called CHSB and they have no procedure for doing this so you have to wait until renewal"...
  11. Remington Modular Sniper Rifle (MSR)

    I'm willing to sell both kidneys for one of those.
  12. 45 acp, which one?

    1911 /thread
  13. Has anyone seen a .500 S&W AR platform?

    I could have sworn I saw an AR at a gun show in North Carolina last year that was labeled as .500 S&W. I didn't look too closely at it other than that but it definitely wasn't 50 Beowulf. That being said I could also be wrong and it may have been chambered in .50 AE I've never seen or heard...
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