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  1. Attempted robbery of choking of a woman, and possible loss of LTC

    So he loses his LTC and wakes up the next and moves to a free state never to return. Oh, and walks in and buys a Sig MCX pistol AR and lives happily ever after.
  2. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Sorry, I didn't see a couple walking down the beach?
  3. Biden’s executive action

  4. Biden’s executive action

    Nobody needs a V8 engine! NOBODY! so irrational.......
  5. Biden’s executive action

    The entire NES group just made the "red flag" list
  6. What do you use for a gun safe?

    When I was in Mass I bought an old soda machine for $100. Gutted it out and it was great, not too many thieves would think to break into it? Now, well, top of the night stand works just fine.
  7. Best way to pin and weld compensator

    I once knew a guy in MA who thought their laws were crazy and he told me if someone is trying to remove your suppressor than you got bigger problems. That same guy built ARs and would drill the compensator and drop some solder in there, then screw it on. Not recommended but it worked great. I...
  8. Room clearing by professionals

    I did not go to house clearing school, help me out, what did I miss....... Maybe that loud rap music is a little distracting while killing bad guys?
  9. Legality of fixed mags

  10. At the doctor's office yesterday ....

    Why were you in the erectile dysfunction room?
  11. At the doctor's office yesterday ....

    Next they will be asking if you feel safe with your neighbors.
  12. Screwdriver vs gun, who will win?

    This happened yesterday down the street from me. https://www.fox5vegas.com/news/crime/officer-injured-suspect-killed-in-shooting-outside-las-vegas-gun-range/article_d60ad830-6663-11eb-b317-3fbe4e9ba3c3.html
  13. Physician's letter for FID/LTC? Really?

    They only did that because my ex wife lives there and she is Fn crazy;)
  14. LTC and buying dispensary marijuana (not medical)

    Out here, Vegas, they ask to see ID then ask your name for computer. I always use Jerry Springer!
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