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  1. Spring size for magazine extensions

    Depends on how many rounds you are adding. If +2 stock spring is usually enough. To make sure, I always use Wolff +10% springs and have never had an issue. If adding more than 2 rounds, check with the company you are buying the base pads from and see what they recommend.
  2. 147 vs 125

    Want to try some Bullets Brian? I have 135, 147, and 160gr sitting in the cellar. Let me know
  3. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  4. Our Oil Burner (home) Motor Problem (video) .. Any "experts" here?

    Replace the control. R8184G 4009 Should stop the issue. You can hear it dropping out. If it was the pump coupler the motor would continue to run but the flame would drop out. When you change the control, change one wire or set of wires at a time to prevent screwing it up
  5. Raw Diet For Dog

    I feed my dog Honest Kitchen dehydrated raw. Google Dr. Dodds Hemopet and send her a blood sample for testing to see what is actually wrong with your dog. With problems, it may be a better first step
  6. Bourne Bridge Guns and Ammo

    Speedway gas and Dinks now
  7. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  8. Another no heat thread...but seriously, help...

    HE II is a discontinued boiler and parts are getting more difficult to find. Guessing you are having fan proving issues. Get a reliable company to service it
  9. Local (NH) sources for bulk meat for dog food?

    I use Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw supplemented with raw from Dogs Gone Raw. Raw Dog Food - New England | Dogs Gone Raw I believe he has a delivery to NH With a Corgi, there is not as much needed
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