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  1. Local TIG welders?

    Another option if anyone is looking for a great microwelding shop is Leominster Micro Welding | Microscopic Welding
  2. Powerstroke Techs

    For 6.0 Powerstroke issues call Robby at Princeton Diesel in Sterling MA 978-422-9936 For suspension issues call Greg at Enhanced Street Performance also in Sterling MA (same building, different business) 978-422-7273. Both of these guys can help!
  3. WW2 Flamethrower Shoot and Display

    thewiseone91- can you update your gofundme link? The link you posted isn't working. THANKS!
  4. January 2015 Gun Shows

    How much did it cost to get into the Sturbridge show today?
  5. Wood burning stove (insert) how do you keep a good burn going?

    Have you cleaned the ash pan and air passages from the bottom of the stove? Creosote builds up fast! Wet unseasoned wood can lead to dangerous conditions. Hot fast fires help keep the stove and chimney clean.
  6. gas tube lever?

    This set of punches works even better.
  7. Where to get exotic wood in se mass or ri

    Here is another possible option:
  8. Stump grinding???

    Im also in Sturbridge. I spoke with a few local stump companies and looked at renting a machine before meeting Bob Steimer from Chip-A-Stump. He is from Stafford CT, but will travel far and wide. He did a great job for us on 3 large hardwood stumps for a great price. Give him a call (860)...
  9. ak guys

    Ben- I know that a milled kit was ORIGINALLY one solid block. With this trunnion you can use the parts from a cut up milled kit to build a stamped ak. It works...
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