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  1. To Harley or not to Harley?

    That is one sharp looking bike ,.............. ......... ........... The Harley in the background .... ...... .. .......... just playing.. I'm impressed with the Con.... looks great, no doubt it's a bad azzz ride.
  2. To Harley or not to Harley?

    Nice bike, got a shovel on my want list .. just waiting on the right deal to show up... like someone that wants to trade a bike for guns..
  3. To Harley or not to Harley?

    Great bikes guys! Love them dressers .... like you , I miss my "94" Road King ... miss my 97 Buell Lightning ... even miss my 03 V-rod .... but I still love my 09 FLHTCU and my 88 stroker FXLRC ... oh ya and can't forget my 68 Sportster XLCH stroker.. gots to put a little life back into her ...
  4. To Harley or not to Harley?

    Sooooo ... that's funny shit.. makes me think of someone in software sales ....
  5. To Harley or not to Harley?

    Hahaha .. hey.. sittin on the shitter.. typing on my phone..
  6. To Harley or not to Harley?

    Wow, bringing back a thread from 2011 .... daamn, I hope to hear an update too. As for me and my Ultra Classic dresser ..... lots has changed with my bike. I still have it, but it has transformed a bit toward a Street Glide. 6"higher bars, removed the rear luggage box, replaced tires and rims...
  7. Western MA Clays

    We got change .... :p .... but I know what u mean .... and we are open for newbies...
  8. Western MA Clays

    Morning, I belong to Pioneer Valley Sportsmans Club, in West Springfield, we shoot trap and skeet on Saturdays at 1pm, Subday at 10am and Wednesday at 5pm. Come on out, we welcome new shooters and are always there to help you along. Let me know if I can help.
  9. NH State Shoot Preliminary Day

    when is it scheduled... maybe I can give it a shot..
  10. NH State Shoot Preliminary Day

    Thanks, I'm getting there.. actually, not too bad considering I had to switch from being a right handed shooter to shooting lefty now since I developed a macular hole in my rt eye retina.. I may just stay a lefty for shooting trap even if my right eye gets better.. been shooting lefty about a...
  11. NH State Shoot Preliminary Day

    Little more consistent sunday.. 24,22,22,23,24 .. not too bad considering the distractions I had... and the wind..
  12. NH State Handicap Championship

    Congratulations ...
  13. NH State Shoot Preliminary Day

    Thats kewl, I'm probably between 80-90 now.. at 16. Pioneer Valley Sportsman Club, we're located in West Springfield,MA. We shoot 10am on Sunday, 1pm Saturday and 5pm Wednesdays. We have a really good trap range.. Birds fly over a ravine... it can be an adventure.. shot 23, 24 yesterday, will...
  14. NH State Shoot Preliminary Day

    Thanks, I'm a member of PIONEER Valley, I shoot there 3 times a week. Maybe I wasn't clear, I've made the transition to lefty, but have never shot a registered shoot. I feel like I need to get my average up to be competitive..
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