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  1. Classic hunting rifle discussion

    Caribou are not anymore difficult to kill than a whitetail
  2. Home use power tools, electric or cordless? And what brand?

    Here you go AvE knows what hes talking about . Here are series of vids on cordless tools AvE I work in the trades so here is my opinion . As DIYer you cant go wrong with a cordless system from Bosch ,Milwaukee , Makita ,Dewalt, or Rigid ( I have not used Kobolt so no comment).
  3. How The Hell Am I Gonna Remove This Paint From Sidewalk?

    If you relay relay need to to get rid of the paint dump a gallon of lacquer thinner of the paint and wash away with a garden hose . such first world problems SMH
  4. Things you had to learn the hard way...

    Or let a boner go to waste after 50
  5. Fall is here.....

  6. Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide... or maybe not?

  7. Painting cost.

    Do you want good ,better.or best
  8. Curious about a large white building on mountain top NE of Holyoke seen from 91N

    That would be the Summit House Skinner State Park
  9. Leftist talking point of the day

    The media has been doing it for awhile View: View:
  10. NES Ceiling Repair Experts - Question

    Like others have mentioned take them down,add or replace water damaged insulation and add a vapor barrier . then sheet rock and paint also no need to remove the 1"x furring underneath .Also there is no need to prime the ceiling before you paint . Two coats of BM,SW,PPG ceiling paint is all...
  11. Hope you don't need anything at Stop & Shop

    Big Y for the win
  12. pro 2A meme megathread

  13. A few Star Trek Quotes

    I don't know why people keep saying ST is a Socialist Utopia . Picard made one remark about not acquiring wealth and allot of people think the whole ST universe is full blow Commie LOL . Granted the whole ST verse isn't our Libertarian dream it isn't all no work Lesbian basket weaving either .
  14. Kloter Farms Sheds

    Two of my fiends have them . They are well built and light years ahead of the shit the big box stores sell
  15. Paint sprayer recommendation

    Go on You Tube and watch some videos and then practice . There is allot more to getting a good paint job with a spray rig than just spraying away . And yes a play a professional painter on day time TV
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