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  1. New acquisitions October - 2020

    Tippmann M4-22. First purchase as a NH resident. Plan is to add a suppressor for the ultimate backyard plinking rig.
  2. HELP! - 9mm AR build and headspace questions

    Short answer...its not really a problem but its also not really am ideal situation. My gun works. I havent shot it in a while but I put 600 or 700 rnds through it with 1 or 2 malfunctions. Those 1 or 2 malfunctions were with federal aluminum cased ammo, so take that for what its worth...
  3. Looking to hire help for moving

    Just figured Id throw out this feeler. If it works out, great. If it doesnt, I can make other arrangements. Looking to hire a guy or possibly 2 for help moving next Saturday July 4th. I know....its a holiday weekend. I dont need movers. Im capable and able bodied. I'll be spear heading...
  4. FRB now has "Name Change" form

    Maybe change species while you're at it. "Sir, are you classified as human?"....."Negative, I am a meat popsicle"
  5. FRB now has "Name Change" form

    Thats how its always been. they WILL NOT print you a new licence. It will however be changed in the "system". If you go to the portal and do a licence verification it should show up correctly. I beleive there are old threads around on the subject of name changes where Len confirms this.
  6. FRB now has "Name Change" form

    I just found this interesting. I have a pending move coming so I was on the state website looking for the "Address change" form. When we got married 4 years ago I used the address form and sent a letter along with it to the FRB requesting my wifes name change on her LTC. I notice now they...
  7. Is there federal law that requires to ship handgun overnight?

    I think the law is that only FFL's can ship handguns via USPS. NON-FFL's must use FEDEX/UPS....And it is their policy that handguns be sent overnight.
  8. How to verify an LTC..

    There is a selection on the Gun transaction Portal to "Generate Firearms Licence Validation". Maybe thats what your thinking of?
  9. New-acquisitions- September -2019

    Snuck one in just under the wire. Marlin 39M, mfg'd 1982. Picked up from Great Road firearms in Stow yesterday.
  10. Great Road Firearms in Stow

    Just wanted to put in a good word for GRF. Nice shop run by a couple of very friendly, cool guys. They have quite a nice inventory as well. A little bit of almost everything. Definitely worth stopping in. I went in on Sunday and ended up leaving with a Marlin model 39 .22 lever gun. Pretty...
  11. Backpacking gear for a newb

    Thanks. [thumbsup] I have a pair of merrell mid rise hiking boots. I have been day hiking the NH 4000ft'ers and others for a couple years now. Like you said, there is probably better but no real complaints about the boots I have now. So, Ill keep them in service a while longer. Does a...
  12. Backpacking gear for a newb

    Awesome. This post gives some good focus. Tweaking gear....I do that with other things so Im sure I'll do it here too. I had at least the basic ideas of most everything you listed so thats reassuring to me that Im on the right track. Map, compass, first aid, paracord/food bag, trash...
  13. Backpacking gear for a newb

    Yes. Definitely. I will do my best to minimize weight, while balancing with cost and comfort.
  14. Backpacking gear for a newb

    Id like to try out some backpacking trips in the White mountains. I figure I'll start by dabbling in some (2 day) over night treks. Ive camped before but choosing backpack gear seem a bit more critical. Ive researched until Im dizzy but its still tough to know what gear to choose. Where to...
  15. How is it legal to carry a rifle in Mass?

    Kel-tec Sub-2000 basically disappears in any old back pack.....;)
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