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  1. Dogs Now Being Tested For Illegal Drug Use

    Wow before i opened up link i immediately thought pittbull
  2. Bought my first press today

    I was thinking about picking 1 of these up but decided to just get a lee single stage to go with my dillon
  3. Woodcock rd

    I tryed to renew for a while but he they said he only did it on Tuesdays or something like that... i liked how i didnt have to bring a stand since you can rent 1 which is awesome. And them closeing early sucked. Maybe ill give it another try. Have they cleaned up? I know at the fireing line you...
  4. Woodcock rd

    I wouldnt drive that far for this range...i joined it for years ago and it was ok... but i wont be paying them again... its hard to join since they only do it once a week. And then there is the requirement to write down what your shooting the cal and the ammo.... its a pita if you bring a few...
  5. I just discovered a fantastic taste combination!

    Oh ok i see now.
  6. wtf kevin lol

  7. I just discovered a fantastic taste combination!

    That chowDA sounds goood....but you bring your own ingredients to a bar?
  8. Do You Watch Online Videos with Ads ?

    I watch a lot of youtube vids so the longest ad is only like 30 secs to 1 min
  9. .45 Shield

    I like my 9mm but this is now on my must have list
  10. Anyone See The Fireball Tuesday Morning ???

    Thats a pretty cool sight
  11. Happy birthday to me

    Happy birthday.
  12. Bad NYC cop bullets?

    Im buying a Carhartt jacket this winter [rofl]
  13. "How to become Gluten Intolerant"

    I went to a burger place in sandwhich and they only had 3 buns. Pretzel, brioche, and gluten free.... i picked the gluten free and man was it disgusting. I had to go home and eat my daily diet of gluten for the day lol
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