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  1. WTS Four Cooper Tires & Wheels

  2. WTS Four Cooper Tires & Wheels

    Four Cooper Discover AST II Tires 225-75R-15 mounted on black steel 15" Rims. Wheels are 5 Lug, 5x 4 1/2 Pattern 2 tires still have some tread left, other 2 are close to the wear bars. Wheels are very good. Price: $100.00 Location: North Attleboro Ma. Contact: PM here.
  3. WTS H3 Hummer Wheels

  4. Deals and steals

    Did you have a special coupon for that price?
  5. WTS H3 Hummer Wheels

    Two Mag Wheels for H3 Hummer Very good condition. USA made original GM. Size is 16 x 7.5 J x 38mm. Location is North Attleboro Ma. Price: $200.00 Firm Info: PM here
  6. Boston LTC restrictions in light of SCOTUS decision?

    The Dem's don,t care about SCOTUS decisions. The only one they are celebrating is the lifting of illegals to remain in Mexico. Just what we need more gang members and drugs.
  7. Customer Service vs Gun Store Edetiquette

    The least the dealer could of done was to offer to send it back for him. In the past I was a part time FFL dealer for about 25 years and mostly sold at gun shows. I only had 0ne problem with a new gun not functioning correctly. Buyer called me and I explained that I would be at a show in 2...
  8. Maine

    I'm not naive, of course there is drugs in my city, I was a cop for 30 years. If you don't think that there has been a big increase in the drug problem in small towns that are under a population of 1500 people in the past 10 years then you are kidding yourself.
  9. Maine

    I have been going to Maine since the 70's hunting & fishing and have a small camp for the past 30 years. My camp is in the Lincoln/Enfield area. There have been a lot of changes that I though I never see happen. The anti hunting has really spread far from Portland and Augusta. The Bangor...
  10. Mass. judge indicted protecting illegal and others "take a stand" against ICE/Feds

    I doubt she will be even convicted. Even if she is found guilty there will not be any jail time. This is Massachusetts justice, what a joke.
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