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  1. Maga arms

    Sherif had great things to say about you sir, glad we could take care of you and TPNES appreciates the business.
  2. WTS TPNES AR Lower Door-Buster Deal

    How does 150$ for a stripped AR15 lower receiver, all fees etc included, (no its not polymer, no its not fixed mag, yes you can own it in MA) sound for the masses? Comes with a cute little box too. Great for stashing in the yard for that zombie apocalypse. Also great if you think what the wife...
  3. WTS BNIB Daniel Defense Rifles in MA @ Free State Pricing

    We've all heard the sob story, TPNES' ladyfriend is getting her dream princess wedding and since she has my balls in a vice there is an on-going extensive liquidation of my prized collection to afford this. That is right, I am man enough to admit I'm puss-whipped into submission and am complying...
  4. WTS BCM Recce-14 MCMR in MA at FREE STATE PRICING 1600$

    Alright you operator and operatesses (trying to be gender inclusive here and assume there are some female operators... I heard one passed BUD/S in the SEAL pipeline so its time to give those wookies their due). In the spirit of Christmas, the season of giving, TPNES is going to let one of his...
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