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  1. Source for Glock magwell or printer?

    I’ll pay for the PLA if someone wants to practice printing.
  2. WTS PSL-54C Edt-offers considered

  3. Source for Glock magwell or printer?

    Looking for magwell for an OEM Glock 43 and P80 PF940SC (G26) Can’t seem to find any options available. 43X won’t work with the 43 and OEM G26 is different than the P80, also different than other P80 models. Does anyone have a source or perhaps someone willing to try to print? I believe I’ve...
  4. Parrot spotted in NE (CZ)

    Never saw a Czechmate Parraot in person, pretty sweet. From what I gather they’re pretty rare - 10 made per year and 5 of those sent to US. The dealer doesn’t advertise on NES (from what I can see, maybe more to the situation) so i don’t want to put it out there until I talk to them but if your...
  5. Loud Explosion Reported In Stow

    I was in the middle of the yard. Better than nothing lol.
  6. WTS Antique bicycle

  7. Loud Explosion Reported In Stow

    Not related but neighbor blew engine in wood chipper next door, i tackled my 3 year old daughter in the middle of the yard for cover. It was louder than the meteor we had 2 months ago. Did the previous owners of great road firearms leave the tank out front? Maybe they were trying it out.
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