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  1. Classifieds

    You never know when the noob will join and rejoice when his search for $250 stag grips for his $200 gun is complete. also don’t forget to pick an the sig 716dmr and ammo before the liberals grab many years ago was that added? we should charge extra membership dues for excessive NES...
  2. Kennedy family tragedy again.

    My mom always said not to chase the ball into the road. She never said anything about chasing it into the water.
  3. More Ammo in Stock NOW!

    I've never seen a shop with such a variety of ammo. From 30-40 Krag to 50BMG and everything else in between. All ammo I've purchased so far comes in lower than the best price on ammoseek. Only exception was surplus LC M2 Ball but it was owners private stash and came with can, blocs, sleeves and...
  4. Kennedy family tragedy again.

    Was it a 67 Delmont 88 canoe? Or was it borrowed from the Clintons'? Research that bridge and see how many cars are crashed due to wind speed and tell me if you think a canoe is a good idea? Pure ignorance-poor kid.
  5. Have people seen any Winchester 1897s around?

    check out @Great Road Firearms in Stow. I believe that had 2 originals there.
  6. Tee Shirt for MA

    I’m borderline ashamed to admit I concur and it has forced me into a deep self reflection period. but just sayin the term hate -f had to come from somewhere
  7. Rennaisance wax

    Good alternative to oil for rust prevention. I use it on everything. Polytech? couldn’t just say AK? Go ahead and “rub it in” pun intended. My jar of ren wax is worth more than my Norinco lol
  8. Voting

    My Trump hat is digi camo so I slipped right through. Until I proudly held out my blue ballot in the crowd of reds trying to hide theirs.
  9. What are you doing, GunBroker sellers?

    Overnight a money order or buy local. Gun manufacturers usually make more than one of a specific model. Unless you’re after a 1905-1910 colt, in which case I’m definitely not buying sight unseen. I will download Venmo Apple Pay and PayPal and broker anything you want if you’re that desperate to...
  10. Lawyers

    Took a class @Mass Firearms on Saturday with Andrew Couture and was very impressed though I have never used him professionally he seems to be near the front line of the ag’s door with a spear and seems to have a pretty good case success rate.
  11. KAC rear sights legit?

    Do you have a link to the ones on ebay for $50-$65? Cant find them under $90
  12. Preban G17 mags $180 each? WTF

    I guess I underestimated the market. Seemed high to me. I picked up two square notch last month for $60 each and picking up a u-noth today for $40. $2 each springs and $4 each followers from glock and they should be good as new. Using a +6 on the u-notch so im not worried about drop free, plenty...
  13. Preban G17 mags $180 each? WTF

    Just took a stroll through accessories classifieds and found these gems and about shite myself. Props to seller if there is a buyer out there for these but they might as well have a sticky with the model 10 stag grips and the flobert rifle that hung out in the rifles for half a century...
  14. Biden to gun manufacturers: 'I'm coming for you. Period'

    But if you manufacture double barrel shotguns you’re safe with joe.
  15. NASA officials 'baffled' after space cameras catch UFO following ISS for over 20 minutes

    Election year = more Russian collusion and the justification of space force. Or maybe just a weather balloon like the past 50 years of ufo’s.
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