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  1. US Concentration camps

  2. US Concentration camps

    No problem. You seem to have a critical mind so I look forward to your analysis. This is all about having enough info to have an intelligent debate. Good night , sir.
  3. US Concentration camps

    Page 2, post #19 of this thread about an hour ago.
  4. US Concentration camps

    And, I don't pretend to understand all of it, either.
  5. US Concentration camps

    Yes. Read the info in all the links I've provided, then research it in your own terms. I'm not making this shit up.
  6. US Concentration camps

    Ray - Some of the info is in the links I provided. You and I agree about the scum at Gitmo - It should not be closed. These camps have nothing to do with that - that's the point I was making. I guess I'm throwing my tin-foil hat into the ring about how the events of the last 95+ years have...
  7. US Concentration camps

    It makes me ponder - who will be the author of the new Diary of Anne Frank.
  8. US Concentration camps

  9. US Concentration camps

    Ray - You and I are of like mind about the scum at Gitmo! My contention is these camps have NOTHING to do with the afore mention scum. Those peices of camel dung will not be in any of those 600 camps that have been constructed. Please try to seperate the two and see them for what they...
  10. US Concentration camps

    Ray - Here's a couple of links with more info. By all means do research and offer something substantional and I will digest it open-minded. Link Link Link
  11. US Concentration camps

    LOL. No, I pissed my little brother [Derek] off when I was boasting of our 70 degree weather when y'all were having ice. He replaced Moderator with what you see. "Maggie's Drawers" in Marine speak means a "miss" on the rifle range.
  12. US Concentration camps

    You're probably right. KBR was awarded a multi-billion dollar contract to build these facilities all over the US just in the event BHO would get elected and shut down Gitmo to send 250 scum-bag terrorist. [rolleyes] Head, sand. Remove the former from the latter. What is your expert...
  13. US Concentration camps

    Because, like someone else stated, the construction of these facilities goes back many years - before Gitmo. It's the "recent" events which now give them credibility - an excuse for their existence. EDIT: Actually I can't say with any authority when construction started, but rumors of such...
  14. US Concentration camps

    Keep investing in the three B's - Beans, Bullets and Bullion. The world is poised for financial collapse and from the ashes will be the NWO - one government, one currency and one occupying army.
  15. US Concentration camps

    This has nothing to do with Gitmo or the 250 odd scum currently residing there. [rolleyes]
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