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  1. Better order yours fast.

    I’ll take the cardboard box for 2 Alex.
  2. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    My license came in the mail today. It expires the beginning of May but I asked to submit my application early. lucky me, I also moved my 401k to a safer investment and was ready for this virus. I went out on medical leave and just last night my coworkers where told they were exposed.
  3. Shingles shot

    I just got the first shot and Prevnar 13 at the same time and the same spot. I was down and out by the end of the day.
  4. My hometown in the news -Reading and a Turkey
  5. Glock announces G44 in .22LR

    A 1911

    Stay away from one-eyed-jack, you'll end with an 07 FFL. LOL welcome to the Cuckoo's Nest.
  7. Home CNC engraving machine options?

    I have an older Vision Rotary Engraving 12X12 machine. I converted it to run on Mach3/4 software with Gecko controls and new motors. It has its own power supply and a small clamp made for lowers. It also has a table setup that can be used to clamp things down. Not sure how much I want but if...
  8. Honeywell WiFi thermostat issues

    Just buy a 24 volt ac power adapter. Plug one end into an outlet and the 2 wires to the thermostat. My Bluetooth Honeywell works fine.
  9. Thinking of a career change after losing dream job

    GE Aviation in Lynn is hiring and has numerous training opportunities as well. The down side is we are a two tier pay system so new people start at less per hour but after 7 years you match the legacy employees.
  10. United Technologies takes over Raytheon

    So now isn't a good time to lave GE Aviation and join Raytheon in Andover?
  11. Pet euthanasia at home

    It was time to make the decision to put down my 16 year old cat. She was diabetic for 15 of those years. She was a special girl and very loving. She helped teach my two girls about caring for a sick pet. I used Boston Home Pet Euthanasia It was stress free and she was in her favorite spot...
  12. Another thoughts and prayers

    Just heard tonight.
  13. Tuna Fishing

    My nephew is Scotty on Wicked Tuna. The kid that weighs the catch.
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