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  1. Lanza posted on gun message boards

    Not saying his name doesn't change anything. Ignoring history and refusing to know it has terrible results. Next we'll be calling him "he who shall not be named". It's almost as bad as those people in Austria wetting themselves because a bell in a tower still has an inscription talking about...
  2. Anti-gun Liberal with a gun

    I bet she wets her pants starting her car every day. Just think of all the little children she might run over, or the gas station she might collide with and blow up!
  3. Defense Distributed Shut Down by DOD

    From another engineer who understands what you're saying, thank you for posting this. Ignorance makes people think lots of things, and this is just one of them. Just because computers became cheap and viable doesn't meant 3d printing will be. Think about it this way, bridgeports haven't...
  4. Defense Distributed Shut Down by DOD

    Ridiculous, but they will never stop the files now. I'd bet there are probably 3d models of just about any gun somewhere on the net.
  5. Ayotte: Setting the Record Straight - I voted to improve background check system

    Exactly, they all want to "improve" or "enhance" the checks, laws, registrations, etc until our rights are completely restricted. No thanks.
  6. 3D Gun Plans being released 2nd week of May.....liberals are having siezures

    This, no one here will ever be making these things unless they have a 100K+ for a machine. At that price just buy some old mill/lathe equip and make something real. This is making a point only, real prints for real guns are already out there and have been for a very very long time.
  7. KY accidental shooting

    Our society would be much better right now if people could understand this.
  8. The true intentions of the 2nd

    Listening to the testimony in RI tonight, I took out my copy of the Federalist Papers. It never ceases to amaze me how intelligent the founders really were. In fact, they were able to predict what has happened up until today: Of course the environment today has changed. Now both the...
  9. RI State House Judiciary hearing live stream

    All I'm getting so far is RI police = anti rights.
  10. Thanks to Senator Ayotte

    Why should I thank my "representatives" for voting in favor of my rights, I simply expect them to do that in the first place, it's their job!
  11. Is it time to bring back public executions

    It's really amazing how many people here hate how our justice system is supposed to operate.
  12. Watch the police remove a Watertown family from their home, and then search it.

    The problem with actions taken based on heightened emotions is it leads to incremental losses of liberty. Yes the root of law might lie in the emotional response or anticipated response to a crime against someone. Yet the best time to make new law is not "in the wake" of incidents, in fact...
  13. Rant - Where does this logic come from? Rant

    Does the boston strong t-shirt depict someone in a bathrobe bending over while SWAT aims rifles at him?
  14. Abrams Tank Pushed By Congress Despite Army's Protests

    We don't need them, along with 80% of the military infrastructure we have. Our military is sized and geared for invading and "democracy building", not mainland defense. Let's go back to doing just mainland defense, with a big bowl of popcorn to watch what happens over there. No one can touch...
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