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  1. We should be making plans

    I tuned into 3.855 a little after 6 and it was nothing but static. I don't think my antenna is any good on 80m.
  2. We should be making plans

    It looks like I "can" tune 80m but it's all noise. I'll see what I can hear tonight.
  3. We should be making plans

    Similar setup here, I just tried to tune it in and it's pretty noisy. Could be the time of day. Could be the antenna being 20-25' off the ground. I'll give it a go this week though and see if I can hear anyone.
  4. YAESU FT-818ND 6W HF/ VHF/ UHF All Mode Portable Transceiver

    I've been eyeing something like this for my 857d. Yaesu FT 857d portable amateur ham radio battery packs and carrying systems They provide a link to a custom Bionenno battery that fits the portable zero carrier (I believe the carrier holds two 6 Ah batteries). I'm on my second attempt to get...
  5. WIRES-X

    Boy, WIRES-X doesn't work exactly like I thought. I guess I was hosing up the local repeater by shifting nodes or whatever the terminology is. So I picked up a Pi hat and have a hotspot running through a Pi 3. That seems to be working very well after some futzing to get it setup in the first...
  6. 80m/40m Loaded Coil NVIS Antenna

    I was talking to a guy at work who is trying his damndest to get me to get my ass on the air. We started talking about NVIS, which I think is neat as hell. @MaverickNH , did you ever get that kit up and running? Those seem like the ideal level of DIY for me: mostly figured out, but I still have...
  7. BREAKING: Secret Service Intervened In Hunter Biden Gun Incident; Lied On Background Check Form, Report Says

    This time it'll be the final nail in the coffin. I can feel it. /s obvs
  8. WIRES-X

    Well I ordered it anyway. We'll see. If anything it's something better than the Baofeng it's replacing.
  9. survival study: water

    Pro tip: One in each hand is easier to carry, up to a point. Eventually the sheer weight becomes a problem, but I'd rather carry 25# in each hand than 45# in one hand. The 1 gallon ones would be useful if you wanted to bring water somewhere else, but for collection when you can reasonably...
  10. WIRES-X

    Hmm, is that an older feature? I'm real new to this so I'm just learning, but it sounds like it uses C4FM digital to connect, vs DTMF.
  11. WIRES-X

    Anyone use WIRES-X? I have the itch to buy a new radio because my other unused radios are unsatisfactory. I had been looking at the FT3DR but thought maybe I should set my sights a little lower. The FT-70DR seems like another good choice, and I thought the "chat rooms" could be fun to even just...
  12. Who’s canning ?

    I use the jiggler plus both rings for 15#. My elevation is like 1008', and all the guidelines I've seen say 0-1000 is 10#, 1001+ is 15#, so I took that at face value and went with 15#. I tighten as tightly as my fingers can, without using my wrist.
  13. Who’s canning ?

    I had 7 quarts and they're all low. I'd say about an inch low, some a little more, some a little less. Last time I used salt and thought it was too salty. This time I used no salt and it needed some. But I was smart and measured how much of each ingredient I put into a single jar so in the...
  14. Who’s canning ?

    Well balls, at least one of them leaked.
  15. Who’s canning ?

    Awesome, thanks y'all. It's not super strong, but definitely there. I'm just not trying to mess with botulism.
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