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  1. The Massachusetts 2020 "9mm" Write-In Initiative.

    I think Para Bellum would have a better chance than 9mm of actually making talley sheet. Just saying.
  2. M1 30 Caliber Carbine

    One of the Pack and Postal carbines I saw few weeks ago had the folding stock. Set up as M1A1 config......didn't check the Ser No for correct range, but it was Inland. I have bought two from him.
  3. First MA buck of the year

    Congrats, great deer for Mass
  4. Preppers, what did you forget?

    For what it's worth, I would stop the topical application of Windex Ingredients Water. Provides a liquid base for a product. 2-Hexoxyethanol Cleaning Agent. ... Isopropanolamine Cleaning Agent. ... Ammonium Hydroxide Cleaning Agent. ... Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide Wetting Agent. ... Sodium...
  5. Anthony won't be down for pasta

    I grew up in Revere, the big pasta meal was typically Sunday. Still Anthony will be missed arrivederci
  6. "illegal discharge of a firearm" in Billerica

    I would be in for a few bucks. The least we can do for solid contributor to the Forum. A photo would be expected.
  7. Antifa Goes to the Suburbs

    Food for thought folks. The feds just don't go running around cuffing rioters or peaceful protesters for torching a police cruiser or a starbucks. I think it's doubtful the Feds have skin in the game unless Trump invokes Insurrection Act. The Fed's appear to catch enough grief protecting federal...
  8. Gun Shop Owner Wears Communist News Network Shirt During Interview

    I went out and bought the CNN shirt for the range.
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    It appears they are down for a bit due to the storm.
  10. The question that has plagued mankind since time began.

    Gen 1 the apex kit. NQA....just buy the kit! Over the years I have great luck with S&W Performance Center. T please
  11. Flex Seal, any experience?

    Plus 1 on the dryloK, it just makes sense. I have used flex seal spray and as sprakle with great results. Exterior project to damp proof or repair doors. Saved me from buying a custom sized exterior door.
  12. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    Good to know....I was thinking about trying to hit there during the rain storm.
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