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  1. Pussy Galore will not be down for breakfast.

    The original Mrs Peel from the Avengers....RIP
  2. One of the dogs is farting.

    Don't call the SWAT team or the dog is a goner.
  3. Prepping - did you stock a "HSP"?

    Another option. Director of Domestic Operations...............DODO.
  4. Guy at Stop and Shop in Kingston spitting on the produce.

    You know if a stray round or swing of broom hit that bot, I would not shed a tear.
  5. Ammo as currency

    I get more mileage with 6.5 Jap at my house. She loves her Type 38s and 97! YMMV
  6. Getting a Divorce: Froglube related

    I was expecting ................keys on the roof. Just saying
  7. so, some opinions on the sig 220

    My P220 is my house gun. Shoots great, never had a hicup. I took it to a Sig Course and tried to do rapid mag changes and failed. I replace the original grip with the thicker Houge grips which made me need to shift my hand to drop the Mag. Once I went to the E2 type grips, I could do a quick...
  8. ? For the Men: Moustaches and Covid?

    It took me five minutes to read that line to my wife. It was probably the best laugh I've had all year.
  9. Having a Rusty Nail

    Gentleman Jack straight, kept in the freezer
  10. FYI , about Sig Firearms and magazines

    Just a hunch here. Check out the pistol that shipped with one mag. Does the mag say...Made in Italy? I heard they got some major issues going on there right now.
  11. M1 Carbines

    I got the look, That means no!!!!! She bought me Mini 30 I got approval once the LGS open up again.
  12. M1 Carbines

    100 in stock. Wife loves M1 carbines..... she didn't say buy it. 😭
  13. Milsurp prices

    I have noted an increase of some estate collections recently. I suspect just normal passing as people get along in age. Prices have not been set for a quick sell. I would expect some people who have been hit hard financially will need some ready cash to get thru these tough times. LGS will not a...
  14. Target Sports Delivering Again

    It's all good. At least you know they are trying to make it happen.
  15. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Ordered on Sunday, shipped on Wed and arrived today. Wow. Impressed and surprised.
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