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  1. Are Mid 2000's Dodge Dakota trucks any good?

    I had a 2004 quad cab Dakota Sport for about 7 years. Loved it. V8 in a light truck = lots of power.
  2. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    Hatsan Model 25 gas piston air pistol.
  3. School me on scooters

    I have a summer home in York Beach, Maine and I'm considering buying a Honda Rukus for cruising around up there. I just can't get over the idea of feeling like a pussy riding that thing around, though. I travel to Europe for work a lot and the people there can't understand why Americans...
  4. 18 drunk driving convictions and now a 19?

    It's not 18 OUI convictions as the original post states; he's been charged with OUI 18 times. He has probably been convicted enough times that he should have been in prison rather than behind the wheel, but I only pass judgement when someone has actually been found guilty of a crime. He is a...
  5. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    Update: I sent them an email today to let them know that the tracking number they sent me indicates that the replacement product, which is still in transit, is headed to the wrong address. A couple hours later I got a vague notice saying that I was being issued a refund for $31 dollars; no...
  6. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    I did, actually. That's how I got them to agree to cover shipping.
  7. Boston neighborhoods to stay away from - Q for tourists visiting from another country

    I love the posters in the international arrival terminal at Logan, which invite travelers to visit some of the shittiest parts of the region. "Enjoy Beautiful Chelsea" "Bask in the Sand on Lovely Revere Beach". Only in the Commonwealth.
  8. Bad Experience, Air Gun Depot

    A few weeks ago I ordered an air gun in .22 from Air Gun Depot. They sent me the correct model, but in .177 caliber. When I tried to exchange it for what I had actually ordered, they wanted me to pay for return freight, because there was "nothing wrong with the product." I had to spend...
  9. This is BEYOND Wrong... a Bacon-Free Library.

    Ha, I grew up right down the street from the Bacon Free Library. My father found a Union Civil War uniform in a crawl space in our basement (appropriately, on Union Street) in the 70s and donated it to that library.
  10. Muzzle Sweep

    I understand that, but it's not difficult to generally keep the thing pointed at the pavement. It was horizontal and pointed directly at crowds of people as a default position. I saw the same guy doing it again today.
  11. Muzzle Sweep

    Well played, sir. No, I definitely did not eat balut. I wouldn't feed that garbage to my dog. My co-worker ate one once and puked.
  12. Muzzle Sweep

    You mean a Jeepney? I've been here 6 times in the last year and a half and you wouldn't catch me dead near one of those shite boxes. ; )
  13. Muzzle Sweep

    I got muzzle swept by a cop in the Philippines earlier today. Actually, it was a bit more than a sweep. I was standing at a cross walk and he was standing next to me. He had a 12 gauge slung across his body and was holding it completely horizontally, at a 90 degree angle from his body. When...
  14. Terror Attack in London

    I met a British couple in Barcelona yesterday who, after a brief conversation on the street, invited me to lunch. We talked about everything but politics. They were both ex-British military, met in the service and were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on the Catalan coast. The...
  15. Furnace stopped working! No heat. This sucks

    While preparing for a large storm a few years ago, I filled the bathtub with water (I have a well and I lose water when I lose power). I forgot it was running and it overflowed and leaked in to the basement, right on to the water heater, shorting it out. I didn't lose power, but didn't have...
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