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Aug 13, 2017
Nov 24, 2009
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Worcester County

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from Worcester County

TimMcG74 was last seen:
Aug 13, 2017
    1. 123guns
      thanks 4 comment on wareham police seized gun its about me i want 2 get my story out the guns were legal my moms she has c&r fid ffl all guns were in a locked safe the cops said will i could be in control...will the locked safe was in control not me i had no key it take police 30day to send me a summon i was arrested when i went 2 court court held me on 90days and 20000 bail my lawyer got me out 27days and 5000bail i did not thing wrong come on what a great case they got were are are right
    2. SSW1911
      Hi Tim,

      After surfing the threads, I just found/figured out the reps. on the "settings" page.

      Wanted to say thanks for the positive reps you left me on the 9/11 rememberance thread!!!

      Take care,
    3. CRSIII
      I'm not a paramedic, just some guy who turned the truck around.
    4. testuser1
      Thanks for the rep point! I wish I knew who that a**h*** was!
    5. TimMcG74
      Cool. Good to know. Thanks.
    6. upStomp
      Yeah, you have to be a member (called "going green") to upload attachments. You can display images posted on photo upload sites (PhotoBucket, etc) though.

      I really recommend spending the $19/year to become a member. Then you can get in on some really cool group buys and area shoots. A bunch of us also get together once in a while for lunch or dinner too.
    7. upStomp
      Hey Tim! It's Jay D. Welcome to NES!
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