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  1. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    An all within 45 minutes
  2. Show your birds and win

    Just waiting for the leftovers
  3. Show your birds and win

    haha!...mine is right below your hen with her drumsticks raised. I wonder where our other hen, Chris Pappas is? (S)he should be there too. Maybe just off the side and didn't get it the picture.
  4. Show your birds and win

    Here's a whole bunch of turkey hens (not mine though):
  5. do I or don't I? Decisions decisions

  6. Happy 2020 Thanksgiving NES

    All the best everyone! Enjoy your time together...Eat hearty, strong and long. [cheers]
  7. 50 BMG hunting deer

    I saw this video a year or so ago. I was amazed that it was the shock wave that scrambled it's brains...literally
  8. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    That’s a cub...mama is nearby. Prepare to shit your pants.
  9. Wow. I do not have words for this

    Interesting...the last time I heard the statement "Pick your battles" was a libtard millennial here at work a couple of hours ago. My son in law, also a liberal millennial. loves to use that term. Go figure.
  10. NH Governor pulling a Governor Faker

    I signed the petition for all the good it will do. While I support this, it could backfire on us. There are quite a few anti-liberty bills being brought forward this next session. I believe that Sununu has a vindictive streak in him like his old man. If we conservatives piss him off too much...
  11. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    No love for the boys in Idaho? I'm a Buck luvin' Boomer...There, I said it. ;)
  12. Looking for a suggestion on a 2+ 6 meter mobile FM with SSB

    Not so much custom but discontinued power fets discontinued by the manufacturer (I think Sanyo). For some years they were available but like everything else something better comes along and over several years the manufacturer will no longer make the parts. I think the power fets used in the...

    Check out their gun museum. Bring a towel to drool in. [rockon]

    if you ever get out to Springfield, Missouri, check out the Bass Pro there, that would be the place to check out or maybe the big one in Hamburg, PA. I went to the one in Springfield last year and over two days, I didn't see everything. It's huge. They do have an extensive knife inventory there.
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