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  1. Sling mount for an 870

    You know the with that clamp, there is a barrel radius and a mag tube radius. Therte is one thing to note, and that's, don't tighten the screw too tight, lest you collapse the extension tube. Don't ask me how I know.
  2. Remington 1100 20ga with 12ga frame? help please...

    The receiver can be made on a 12ga frame but the 12ga barrel may fit (I doubt it). You cannot use 12ga shells because the bolt is different as would be the mag tube.
  3. IDPA SSP Power Floor

    You should be getting about 920fps, which would give you a PF of 135240.
  4. Chronograph

    You know that you can use PACT IR sensors and screens with the Oehler? I run a PACT Professional with IR. If you need battery powder due to no hydro at the range, then make up your cables with the necessary plugs and two alligator clips plus a 6v lantern battery (it's cheaper to buy a $6...
  5. Bipod

    I have 3 Harris bipods, 1 fixed and 2 swivel plus a Caldwell that's a Harris clone. The Caldwell would be fine for a .22.
  6. How would you build a reloading bench?

    Weight is your friend. Don't build it too deep - 2 1/2' to 3' at the most - it will clutter up ready quick otherwise. As said, 4x4 legs. I used 2x4's for the top and then 3/4 GIS plywood on top of that, which was painted white. You can put a piece of painted Masonite on top of the...
  7. Sharing a press?

    Sharing a press works IF you both use the same loads or else you spend upwards of 1/2 hour restting the powder measure, more if the seating/crimp die is changed. Get your own, it's better in the long run.
  8. deprime->tumble->resize or deprime/resize->tumble or tumble first?

    For Pistol Sort by caliber - 45ACP also gets sorted by primer size. Tumble Load. For Rifle - .308 and .338LM Sort by caliper Tumble Lube Size and deprime Tumble again to remove the lube Check primer pockets for media and remove Load For Semi Auto Rifle - .223/5.56 Tumble...
  9. Shell Sorter?

    I bought a set 3 years ago and found them to be a total waste of my time and money. After the sorting process I had to resort each batch anyway getting the 9mm out of the 40S&W, the 9mm+40S&W out of the 45ACP case - I hate doing things twice. I ended up giving it away and the person I gave...
  10. .45 ACP Primer situation, Anyone Heard of this ???

    For those of you that don't like the SP 45 brass, load it up and use it at lost brass matches. Or, you can sell it/give it away/trade for something that you need.
  11. Decapping military 308 brass (Berden Primed)

    Not worth the effort. Take them to a scap metal dealer.
  12. School me on chronographs

    I have used an original Shooting Chrony and it was GTG. This unit belonged to a friend - he's still using it. The first CED M2 that I used was crap, but last year I used another as chronoman at a major match and it was GTG and I recommend them. My late Wife bought me a PACT Professional 8...
  13. Powder measure. Leave full,or empty after use ?

    The reasons for emptying are 1. As stated powder is hygroscopic. 2. It will discolour the plastic container on the powder measure.
  14. Legal or not for IDPA

    And there may be a light gap between the belt and the loop too. What make is the holster?
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