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  1. Lost Dog - BPD

    No more than one that hasn't been trained. Without the command, the dog should have no inclination to attack someone unprovoked.
  2. Thoughts on the Mossberg MVP-LC??

    The .308 is 8.5lbs, 10lbs with the optional vortex scope
  3. Thoughts on the Mossberg MVP-LC??

    So, I'm leaning towards picking up a Mossberg MVP Light Chassis in .308 in the next month or so... Does anyone have any experience with this rifle, or any of the MVP lineup?
  4. Woods Gun and Wife Advice

    This! I recently stumbled upon a black bear and her two cubs, they wanted nothing to do with us, at all. Never seen anything run that fast.
  5. Precision Armament Werks, Franklin MA

    I've been meaning to stop by the shop for a long time, but never had a chance. Finally made it in last night to pick up some things I needed for an AR build. They have a ton of AR parts and accessories in stock at fair prices. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Glad I finally made it in...
  6. Wal mart gave me wrong ammo and now i cant return it

    Happened to me years ago, got .357 sig on accident. Ended up trading it on here for some .357 magnum
  7. Acme.Armament

    Sorry to hear this Adam. Always liked doing business with you when you were still in Mass. I wish you guys the best of luck.
  8. Live from the Rally

    Thanks to those who were able to make it today. Unfortunately I could not, the 1st and the 3rd are the only days of the month I can't take off. Damn SSI/SSDI checks come in and the residents need to get they're PNA money for the month....
  9. Wiggle between upper and lower on AR

    Like others said, it's normal and wont effect the function of the rifle. If it bothers you, you can buy one of these: AR-15/M16 ACCU-WEDGE | Brownells
  10. does this annoy anyone else???

    No problem, glad I could help.
  11. does this annoy anyone else???

    The best way is to type "" before your search keywords and every result will be from NES
  12. flip up sights

    Troy FTW! +1
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