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  1. Fly United; yeah - no thanks.

    My GF, who travels a lot for work has always used United exclusively, she was PISSED about this. She flies at least 100k miles a year, and is planning on changing airlines over this. They're going to regret this, big time. A lot of frequent fliers will jump ship and go to another airline...
  2. Unbelievable but true, it happened to you!

    My 85y/o Grandma slipped and fell over the summer, went to the ER everything was fine. Got back home, tripped over the door step and broke her hip. I thought for sure that was the beginning of the end. After getting her replacement, she had to go to a rehab facility. Not even 24 hours...
  3. Recomendations for Flooring company in SE mass for wood floor install

    I had Mike do a bedroom at my house a few weeks back. Price was great, quality of work was excellent. I did all the prep and supplied the flooring which wasn't an issue for him. I'd highly recommend using him.
  4. Question for the MA Auto Inspection guys and off duty cops

    I also had a '94 GT(Hence the user name) and also received a few moving violations for an Expired(and Rejection, emissions) Sticker around that age, lol... I never lost my license though, luckily. Just a long time before my insurance premiums were affordable again, haha
  5. Lost Dog - BPD

    No more than one that hasn't been trained. Without the command, the dog should have no inclination to attack someone unprovoked.
  6. Statin users...Any side effects?

    I agree! I had high cholesterol, Dr wanted to put me on meds. Said no thanks, I'll take care of it myself. Changed my diet, added some supplements and started doing more cardio. Was back to a normal healthy range by my 6 month follow up.
  7. Thoughts on the Mossberg MVP-LC??

    The .308 is 8.5lbs, 10lbs with the optional vortex scope
  8. Thoughts on the Mossberg MVP-LC??

    So, I'm leaning towards picking up a Mossberg MVP Light Chassis in .308 in the next month or so... Does anyone have any experience with this rifle, or any of the MVP lineup?
  9. UPS delivers AR15, instead of toy plane to Long Island man

    Sucks for the owner of that rifle... It'll probably take years for him to get his rifle back from the cops, if he ever does..
  10. Army singing second

    My GF(West Point Grad) was all pumped up to see them win, since the last time they won she was a Freshmen there.
  11. NES car guys: what would you buy? Performance, reliability, cost...

    No doubt they can be fast. 400whp in under 3k lbs makes for a very fast and fun car. Not my cup of tea, but I definitely respect them. I'm a rwd/4wd guy, don't care for any other Drivetrain configuration. It's just not enjoyable for me to drive fwd or awd vehicles. But, like I said, I...
  12. NES car guys: what would you buy? Performance, reliability, cost...

    I guess I should have emphasized the stretching it's legs part, lol.. I drive the shit out of my car, I just don't do it in traffic or highly populated areas... That being said, when I was young and stupid, "slow" cars were perfectly capable of reaching triple digit speeds, it just took longer...
  13. NES car guys: what would you buy? Performance, reliability, cost...

    I'd have no problems daily driving a Corvette, can't say the same about the Viper though, lol...I prefer to daily my Truck, just because it makes it that much more fun when I hop in the car... I also have a clean driving record despite driving that loud ass GTO all spring/summer/fall... But, I...
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