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Jan 31, 2018
May 28, 2009
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business manager

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Tim94gt was last seen:
Jan 31, 2018
    1. minininjer
      Hi Tim, I test drove a Vette last year to make sure that I would fit in it since I'm tiny (4'11"). It was awkward but it could totally work! My face lit up and I had a huge grin when I started the engine up of that '11 Vette at the dealership. I was probably drooling lol It was the first time that I had heard a Vette start up (in person, I guess?) and certainly my first time starting one up! I'll probably never forget that feeling.. until I get my very own Corvette :-P
    2. testuser1
      Thanks for the rep!
    3. thebusinessend
      Hey Tim,
      Thanks for all the help today. Me and my friend really appreciate it. We went back around 2:30 sorry we missed you guys. If your ever down to shoot give me a buzz sometime or PM me we should crush some beers as well.
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