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  1. The governor going after honest gun owners AGAIN

    For killing innocent people. Utopia is one of my favorite albums, yes, I still spin albums.
  2. Service List

    My buddy from Basic and AIT went to the Rock when we shipped over and got out duty assignment at the Reception BN in Frankfurt.
  3. Older stock shells?

    In the case of center fire ammo, why not pull it apart and reload it so you know what the load is, short of knowing what powder was used. A crappy option for something you may have paid full price for, but far better than throwing out, espicially for odd ball or obsolete chamberings.
  4. [crossposted from] READ THIS: Antifa are using radios, and this is how you can assist in exposing them.

    Agreed, someone with a better vantage point and more power just tape a throat mic so it stays open. Have a second radio or another person on scan to find what channel they move to when they realize they can't communicate on their primary channel. a low tech cat and mouse game of jamming.
  5. onX Hunt App

    Anyone remember Plat Books from years past or was that a midwest thing. I used to get them from the Boyscouts or FFA as fund raisers when I was stationed out there. Same thing before the GPS - digital world. Here in the Adirondacks they have limited used due to the size of the Adirondack Park.
  6. Service List

    Anyone else here skip school in their senior year, hitchhike to the Recruiter Station to join @ 17 years old with a direct assignment overseas or am I out here alone?
  7. Service List

    US ARMY, MSG, Retired, 1978-2004. 24+ years Active Duty and a little Reserve time. Basic/AIT Ft Knox - Tank and wheeled vehicle Repairman 1/32 AR Friedberg Germay, tank mechanic - M88 Tank Recovery 1/77 AR Fort Carson CO - tank mechanic M88 - Tank Recovery 464 CBT Engineers Schenectady NY (HHC...
  8. Bringing long guns to NY

    Bumping up an old thread as a few guys at camp were discussing this and one of them is from Mass. He leaves his hunting guns in NY for the most part at his mothers house, he's 67 and grew up here. That being said, he transports his shotguns back and forth on occasion for small game hunting.
  9. The governor going after honest gun owners AGAIN

    Coumo is a Dictatorial idiot
  10. Anyone have Nassau County pistol permit reinstated after suspension?

    My guess would be for the reviewing judge to hear your side of the story, may not be the same judge, just saying. As far as turning the firearms over to the PD, sounds like one of their rules, they should be able to go to an FFL to secure them, at least they will be cared for and not dumped in...
  11. Traveling through NY with ammo only

    As others stated, just stay out of NYC, don't speed and make sure you don't do stupid stuff when driving and you'll be fine.
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