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  • Lower reciver..
    Geissele SSA triger.
    Magpul trigger guard.
    Ambidextrous safety and mag release.
    LMT Sopmod Buttstock Assembly.
    All pins a springs replaced and more.

    Upper receiver....
    BCM light weight, mid length 16in. With Daniel Defense forearm. Knights Armament 600 meter flip up sight.

    My Saiga-12, Russian lady with an attitude. Loads of fun.

    Babes and guns... See video
    My first AR-15 rebuild...

    Bought a pre ban lower Bushmaster AR-15 in M4 configeration. It was in ruff shape

    Sold the upper and the collapsible stock. Striped lower receiver and sold all internal parts. send my Bushmaster lower to US Anodizing Inc. In Amissville VA. And in about 2 and a half weeks I got it back. Cost me $50 bucks to have it refinished. Looks perfect. I now had a pre-ban Bushmaster AR-15 lower receiver in new condition.

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