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  1. nevermind

    got it, post edited
  2. nevermind

  3. Pelham & Chester NH no longer doing USPSA?

    Good to hear about Chester! Bummer. Any idea why?
  4. Pelham & Chester NH no longer doing USPSA?

    I didn't have much time to shoot this spring so I didn't really look around at the schedules, but it seems like both Chester and Pelham have nothing on Practiscore or their club website schedules for USPSA matches. Anyone have any additional info on that, such as why they stopped?
  5. What is your pistol competition rig?

    Carry Optics: CR Speed belt, 3x Ghost mag pouches, RHT competition holster on a BOSS hanger Limited: Ghost belt, 4x mag pouches, and "The One" holster
  6. Any opinion on the CMP 1911 program?

    Sweet! Glad to see these finally showing up.
  7. Now I understand Mosin Love

    This, haha. I bought a Mosin back when they were less than $100, then I bought a few more (another 91/30, an M44, an M38, etc) Never really thought they were particularly fun to shoot, and they weren't impressive for accuracy out of a bolt action. I got rid of all of them and the ammo when...
  8. NH open carry?

    I was open carrying this weekend up in the Whites while hiking. Someone (probably from MA?) remarked "oh, you carry a gun when hiking too? My nephew does that also." and I was like well I carry a gun all the time haha it's just usually concealed.
  9. Pelham family rattled, angry after homeowner stabbed during burglary

    pssh what kind of instructor doesn't teach Joe Biden Warning Shots off the balcony? Suit yourself, man. Yup, I was at Force on Force last month and during one scenario a bad guy got shot in the back and it was still a good shoot.
  10. Mossberg 930

    Stoeger M3000/M3K?
  11. My Condolences, Vermont Gun Owners

    That sucks for them. A mentally ill person running against a lying RINO douchebag.
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