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  1. Pre 94 AR question

    No problem modifying anything you want on the is that hunk of aluminum called a lower with the serial number and mag well that counts!
  2. 90,000 bloodthirsty ticks drank poor moose to death in Vermont.

    A friend of mine saw a Moose in Maine get hit by a snowmobile a few years ago. The rider was lucky to walk away from it. The front legs were sheered off the moose. He said there was a massive amount of ticks that poured off the moose when it was bleeding even in the middle of winter. I don't...
  3. Must see Bloomturd video!

    Go to 1 round mag capacity and reloads get fast: View:
  4. Johns Hopkins Study: Licensing, mag bans mean fewer mass shooting fatalities

    Yep...didn't stop the Virginia Tech killer. He caused a mass shooting with 10 round magazines
  5. Duncan vs. Becarra (CA magazine ban case) -- Judge is awesome

    They is also legislation proposed to fine people who don't vote.....I'm assuming vote their way.
  6. Warning Amazon Prime Phish

    Always check the email address it's coming from. Check the return address: Genuine emails from Amazon always will come from an address ending in "" Check the email's header information. If the "received from," "reply to," or "return path"...
  7. NES 70s/80s Shoot - UPDATE: SEE POST NO. 1

    Here would be a few "period pieces" for the shoot:
  8. NES 70s/80s Shoot - UPDATE: SEE POST NO. 1

    Great minds think alike DJ...besides her, here who I would bring. If you guys like 80s guns and ads, check out my blog packed with segments from old Firepower Magazine articles:
  9. Biden Talks About Using Hellfire Missiles Against American Gun Owners

    Oh Joe...if you only knew how many transferable MGs and DDs there were out there, you wouldn't sleep at night....and yes, you can buy a surplus tank if you want: View:
  10. CZ Bren 2 Carbine released

    I can imagine that civi market is a bit less of a priority. But I hope they can get them in before the next crazy event happens (election, etc). There is a 7.62x39 pistol version right now as well View:
  11. NY bill to require mental health check for gun purchase

    In New York people doing these exams will simply do this: Look out the window into the parking lot at the car the person is driving in: Trump bumper sticker= Mentally Ill Sanders or Bloomberg bumper sticker= Good to go
  12. Rush Limbaugh diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

    Looks like Rush may be going off the air in a while. Listened him for many years: Rush Limbaugh, the most prominent political radio host in the United States, said Monday that he is beginning treatment for lung cancer...
  13. NH SB677/HB1660 'Eldercare Gun Confiscation"

    Another back door....Most of the scum that prey on the elderly don't need a gun to do their work. This could be a mess for two siblings who don't get along because of what is in their parent's will....
  14. Another Hate Hoax: Anti-Gun Doctor Sends Himself a Death Threat

    The Jessie Smollet syndrome strikes again...more details here. Busted? Dr. Joseph Sakran Deletes Tweets Claiming He Was Threatened Over His Gun Control Advocacy - The Truth About Guns
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