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  1. WINNERS PICKED 26 FEB 2020 / 3 One Year Green Membership Karma...

    Thimblerigger, Yes I want to go green
  2. The Florida man challenge

    Naked Florida man chases couple around Chick-fil-A parking lot, deputies say
  3. School me on USPSA Carry Optic Division

    You say you are on the north shore? Mystic Valley Gun Club in Malden has a “USPSA style” match once a month. The fourth Friday night of the month to be precise. It’s fairly laid back and generally a nice first step into this style of competition.
  4. Dangit - Jury Duty!

    I was called and will report to Woburn Superior Court on Dec. 12. If anyone else ends up in that juror pool, let’s hang out for the day.
  5. the life of parent with a teen daughter

    No one suggested trying out for the volleyball team? Now I’M pissed off.
  6. the life of parent with a teen daughter

    In the case of the 17 yr old, I would say your response is reasoned and appropriate. In the case of the 13 yr old, I’m afraid you may actually be the a-hole. Getting cut from that team is a big deal. There are layers of disappointment that will take some time to peel away. The travel teams and...
  7. canik tp9sfx

    I read through this whole thread, and I has me interested. I’d really like to shoot a couple mags through one (especially one with an original trigger) to get a feel for it before I buy one. I contacted MFS and Granite State but neither has a TP9 for rent. I thought about trying Bob’s, but I...
  8. Who's opened their pool poll, 2019.

    Trust me, your pool wants to be open and running. Open it at the earliest date you can possibly stomach the little work you will have to do to keep it clean, even if no one is going to swim for some time. Then close it as late as possible, again even if it’s not being used. Year to year you will...
  9. Stuff is getting real.

    I’m going through my own stuff that seemed like a big deal to me, until I read your stuff. I am sending you the happy thoughts I was previously being selfish with. Best of luck brother.
  10. Harvard sportsman club

    There is a USPSA match this Sunday that I will be shooting. Come look around then.
  11. Am I being trolled by Amazon

    So I have recently made a few purchases on Amazon of firearms related products. A few parts a few accessories and what not. Today I had an envelope with no return address, but emblazoned with Prime Day July 15-16 all over it. Inside with no invoice or any other paper was a book. ‘The Hidden...
  12. Sanford Springvale June USPSA

    I can’t find today’s match scores on PractiScore. Anyone know what’s up with them?
  13. Ear Safety Systems:

    Which stage did you implode on?
  14. Ear Safety Systems:

    I know Steve very well. I shoot with him all the time, I even wear the Ear Saftey Systems shirt when I shoot matches. I guarantee that if you reach out by phone or email, he will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.
  15. Division 2 Raid (Xbox One)

    I’ll put you on my friends list when I get home tonight. I have a 4-5 member crew that I game with most nights, so if you and a couple others join in when raids open up we should be good to go.
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