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  1. Anyone driving a Subaru ?

    I have a 2013 Impreza Sport Wagon and my wife has a 2013 Crosstrek. Purchased both for less than $50k. I am at 103k miles with no major issues. Tires, brakes, oil changes and one dealer visit for a peeling steering wheel. 30mpg average. The Crosstrek has 55k miles and has had no dealer visits...
  2. Christie Brinkley does SI swimsuit issue.....again

    She's a bat sh*t crazy uber liberal. That alone makes her totally unattractive.
  3. Hottest news anchors...Who's your favorite?

    Pamela David from Argentina
  4. Hornady Critical defense bullet rubber insert sticking?

    I had lots of problems with the polymer tip either causing issues in the magazine or even catching the bottom edge of the feed ramp and jamming my M&P 9C. No longer have any of these as they cause my EDC to be unreliable.
  5. Origin of your Screen Name

    I own a GMC Syclone pickup and needed a screen name for the Syclone/Typhoon forum. Since then I have used it for just about everything online.
  6. When I am Talking to an Anti...

    Yes. The true idiots who believe that if we all just love each other more it will cause everyone on the planet to subscribe to their utopian belief and mutually disarm. Darwinism was founded on these morons.
  7. Black Mob Traps White Girl On Train, Show Her Sick New Use For Earbuds

    There were no men on this train. Just a bunch of beta males. We are wired differently. We cannot just stand by and watch.
  8. Unfollowed a friend on FB today / mini rant.

    All this talk has triggered me and I will now have to retreat to my safe space AKA the outdoor range.....
  9. Unfollowed a friend on FB today / mini rant.

    I use FB to keep in touch with friends living far away and family in Europe. I posted a picture of me with two ARs and a t-shirt that says "I (heart) assault weapons" and one of my high school friends went ballistic and instantly went to threats to kick my ass etc. unfriended and blocked...
  10. BREAKING: 2 explosions and gunfire reported at major ariport in Istanbul....

    I was in this airport two years ago. The reason they attacked the lobby is because every area beyond is literally a fortress. Multiple layers of security checkpoints and armed security everywhere. The US military uses the airport to land some of the large cargo planes. I took the picture...
  11. Chicago family outraged after video shows police officer kicking A man in head

    At the rate they are killing each other in Chicago it should eventually work itself out.
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