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  1. 9mm vs a bear update

    Long time ago I started a thread about a bear vs a 9mm... Lots if not everyone said it wouldn't work. Felt I should share that article. Happy easter btw. FWIW I dont...
  2. How many mags?

    i us to be crazy about mags and then I got realistic. For my comp guns i have at least 5, for CCW 3 is plenty and I never carry anything more than a second mag on me. If I ever carry a second mag which is almost never. Chances are you wont need more than 2-3 rounds in a real world gun fight. As...
  3. Alright I need help finding a backpack

    5.11 rush 24 is my daily work bag. does everything I need lots of great compartments and can easily and comfortably hold 50lb of bricks in it for a length of time. For a light day pack/water pack I would as go ospre as they are super light weight good for hiking For "dad' stuff if you...
  4. 42 or 43 ?

    26....I own both and anytime you would carry a 43 you could carry a 26 just as easily. Get a good holster and youll be all set. The 26 shoots better, quicker follow up shots, way more capacity and I get a much better grip out of it. just my 2 cents.
  5. Would you ever leave a gun at work?

    I had a friend who did...that said I have my own office and a desk with a locking metal drawer. But its against company policy to have firearms on premises and even if that wasn't the case I still wouldn't. I don't like storing forearms anyplace that I down Own. Maybe if I worked at an...
  6. Magazine compatibility

    No. Ruger mini 14s have a proprietary magazine for that gun.
  7. Glock 26 or Glock 43 - HELP!

    Have the ability to share mags is a plus...Do we actually need the extra fire power? No. Is it fun at the range...Yes. The 43 conceals better, the 26 conceals ok but its fat. And the 19 for me not sure what its use is. ( I am sure most would disagree and good for them) That said I think if I...
  8. Anyone own the Sig P320 Compact?

    Finally picked one up, Got a compact and fullsize grip and a pile of mags coming in the mail. The trigger does this weird thing when dry firing with a empty mag in. Its like it has two clicks. Havent taken it to the range yet due to snow but, I expect that second click is only present when dry...
  9. Anyone own the Sig P320 Compact?

    Cabelas will have the MA ones in tomorrow. Just called them...Really want that full size though.
  10. Anyone own the Sig P320 Compact?

    everyplace I called so far is sold out. Tried to go to minute man no dice.
  11. Anyone own the Sig P320 Compact?

    How hard was it to get a RX slide? I called up sig they said you would need to buy the gun as they wouldnt be selling the parts for it. That Tan one looks sweet also. I want a full size to start out RX ideally.
  12. Anyone own the Sig P320 Compact?

    On nice which model?
  13. Anyone own the Sig P320 Compact?

    Any FFl's around getting the Rx model? I see them for sale here and there. Still not sold on this "frame" transfer stuff.
  14. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association Semi-offical thread

    Thinking about joining on Monday. Wanted to get into 3 gun and my current club doesnt have the ranges for it. I see theres regular ISPSA practice, could you do some 3 gun practice in the sand pits?
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