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Sep 22, 2017
Apr 6, 2009
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thebusinessend was last seen:
Sep 22, 2017
    1. MightyMidget
    2. mac67
    3. 25th_pull
      I waited long enought....Crazy Dough? Friday?
    4. Tim94gt
      I think me and a couple buddies are gonna be shooting at 11 on sunday, feel free to join us.
    5. thebusinessend
      glocks are f***ing awesome. lite and super accurate. I love my glock. I like it better then alans and jays. but dont tell them. dont want to hurt there sig feelings. Join me on team Glock I promis I will make us sweet t-shirts. bobs has 25 glock 17s for 475 in excellent condition. with 2 mags hi-capacity. I put the grips on mine and got a new front site. I will be coming over tonigt after i pick up the walther
    6. Para-1911
      I'm going to buy a Glock G17! Munck has one and I couldn't miss with the thing. .45ACP is too hard to find ( even harder than 9mm ) and too much money!!! I was all over the place with the 1911 after about 16 rounds good for shooting something 10 inches away not for shooting 500rds!!
    7. thebusinessend
    8. danboSMASH
      sometimes you got to just be online looking at NES almost all day...
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    "I've learned to trust my dogs' instincts. When they're calm, I'm calm. And when they get nervous, I get my crossbow." - Hinrik of House Cecani