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  1. New Purchase i

    Just moved to RI from MA, as I mentioned in the original post.
  2. New Purchase i

    What is need in the state to buy a new rifle. I've just moved into the state, and haven't switched my drivers license/registration. Does a dealer need proof of residency? Can utility bill or tax bill work?
  3. Moving to RI

    I'm moving to RI at the end of the month. Has anyone had any experience turning there MA LTC to a non resident? I still own investment property's in MA. It seems the process for getting a LTC in RI is a but difficult. Any advice? Once I transfer my vehicle registration, and have resisted in RI...
  4. Burrillville CCW

    Anyone have any experience with Burrillville issuing CCW permits? I'm thinking about buying a home there.
  5. Dog for adoption.

    The dog is still available.
  6. Dirtbike in MA

    Freetown, Franklin, wrentham, Foxboro state forest and Oxford dam all have legal riding areas. You'll need a ma phv reg tho.
  7. Dog for adoption.

    The reason I need to give away the dog is because my girl is pregnant and we are moving to a apartment. I see the comments about a child not being a valid reason for gitting rid of a dog. I work 60+ hours a week. How can I ask my girl to take care of a dog and a new born? It would not be fair to...
  8. Dog for adoption.

    Rep points? Who cares.
  9. Dog for adoption.

    The dog has had a great home since the start. But my situation has drastically and now she is need of a new home. That's why I came here to post. There are a lot of dog lovers.
  10. Dog for adoption.

    She does not.
  11. Dog for adoption.

    Thanks for the help. I have contacted a rescue who can take her but I would rather finder a home. Typo on the area code: 5083616670.
  12. Dog for adoption.

    Thanks for your quality reply. It appears you have irrationally come to some conclusion or judgment of the situation. I'm sure your advance intellect has helped you get far in life and with other people.
  13. Dog for adoption.

    Hello, I have a 5 year old female yellow lab with up to date shots that needs a good home. I'm moving and can't take her with me. She has a great disposition. No experience with children, and very little experience with other dogs. My number is 5093616670. I would like to see her go to a good...
  14. snow storm Wednesday 2-10-10?

    I hate snow, but love this storm. School has been cancelled for me tomorrow. Could not have come on a better day: Accounting 3 test, media relations presentation, Business project were all due tomorrow. Now they are due Monday.
  15. So...who rides?

    2008 CBR600rr
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