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  1. How good is my new knife sharpener???

    i have the same unit and seems i replace belts about after 18 months and 50-60 sharpenings. its good, just not great, but price reflects that
  2. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast. Sucks.

    they will have to ship to a dealer, as the serial number shipped in and destroyed will be different then the serial number shipped out. at least that's what Ruger did for the 2 i blew up, wait i mean, replaced...
  3. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast. Sucks.

    thats great, and can't wait to see the new gun. have you decided which gun you're going to blow up next?
  4. Providence protesters, police face off after moped driver, 24, allegedly hit by police vehicle

    i use elmwood ave to head to my ladies place after grabbing beers at my Favorite PVD brewery frequently. yesterday i was on elmwood ave at 540ish, and less then 1/4 mile in, had to stop my truck as a group of 4 kids was riding in the left turn lane on bicycles, purposely riding at drivers...
  5. Shed possible before winter?

    Thanks For the shout out Mike, but we have been hit hard and currently have zero inventory at both locations. we we do get a random shed in for stock, they are sold super fast, last one was on the ground for 2 hours before it got sold. best bet is to watch our instock list, as ones sometimes...

    hoping this was a mild stroke, caught and treated early.
  7. Random mushrooms in my yard

    not oysters for sure, but i agree with Booglo , may be honeys but need more information. and contrary to what everyone is saying all mushrooms are edible(sarc)....but you want to find they ones you can eat a 2nd time. there are many mushrooms out right now that are easy to ID, hens, chickens...
  8. Dating old ammo

  9. 39 missing children found in georgia

    how is this not the F'n biggest story in the news????
  10. Roofing a shed

    we use staples on all of ours, 1/2" x 3/4" and they barely protrude
  11. Massachusetts Unclaimed Property - Your name could be on the list

    wow, nice resurrection, found 2 claims for ex wife, 2 for my sister, and 2 for my deceased father
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