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  1. We should be making plans

    Maybe this publication could help those of us without licenses that simply want to monitor broadcasts to keep abreast of what’s happening in a SHTF situation. http://www.naswa.net/images/Radio_Monitoring_A_How_To_Guide.pdf
  2. I passed the NH bar exam!

    Well done.
  3. How many kids came for Halloween?

    Sadly, zero.
  4. New Acquisitions September 2020 Firearms only

    Yes, they fit, but the 92x mags don’t run in the FS.
  5. WTB Beretta 92 Preban Mags

    Looking for Beretta 92 series prebans. Will provide copy of LTC. Must be able to mail (or be located on Cape Cod for pickup). Can pay cash (local), Paypal (friends) or Applepay. No Venmo or bank transfers.
  6. Civil War Buffs? Massachusetts 1st Cavalry Sidearm/Firearm question

    You might be interested in “A History of the First Regiment of Massachusetts Cavalry Volunteers” online at: https://archive.org/details/historyoffirstre00crow/page/n7/mode/2up Your ancestor is listed on page 439.
  7. Civil War Buffs? Massachusetts 1st Cavalry Sidearm/Firearm question

    Nice story and nice to see family history preserved and on display. Will you also try to find a saber? The sword you have is a GAR ceremonial sword.
  8. Sig 556 patrol?

    I have a 556xi that I wouldn’t mind selling. I just never use it.
  9. Winter Extras Kept in Your Vehicle

    Some great suggestions here. I can only add that a spare set of windshield wiper blades are in my kit. Since I change my blades once every year, I put the old pair in my emergency bag.
  10. Wheelchair carry

  11. WTS *SOLD* APC 10 Circuit Transfer Switch

    I am selling a used generator universal transfer switch by APC, 120/240v, model UTS10BI. I used the switch with a small portable generator, but have just upgraded to a whole house model and no longer need the switch. It is in good working order. The switch will accept input from a generator and...
  12. 8-year-old boy vacationing in New Hampshire finds gun at bottom of lake

    Must have been another tragic boating accident....
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