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  1. Which 9mm carbine?

    You never mentioned your intended use which could make a big difference in the choice/recommendations. I’m intrigued by the Ruger just because I have many Rugers and it’s kind of a cool looking range toy that takes Glock mags. I’ll probably get one “just because”. That being said, out of the...
  2. Which Kel Tec Sub 2000????

    Wow, that’s a cool little stock setup. I may have to pickup a “Block” just to have a host for one of those! I still have my original gen 1 sub2000 and love it. Mine was the Berretta version, and has the optional butt extension and quad rail that KT used to sell for that gen. Been thinking about...
  3. I need a LTC-020 class certificate for my CT Non Res

    This is great info. I’m been considering getting a CT license for awhile now.
  4. Anyone in Western mass buy brass?

    I’m assuming you have a Ltc/fid so why “wouldn’t you take a chance”? That’s the scrap dealer’s problem to worry about (if it’s even a problem at all), not yours. Either way, I’d never scrap cartridge brass, even though I don’t currently reload. I figure that I will eventually and have already...
  5. Plate reader blocker spray

    Derek’s idea is the best!
  6. Is the attack on 2A worse now than after Sandy Hook?

    I feel like it gets worse every time there is another one of these school shootings, which do seem to be increasing in frequency!:( WTF is going on lately? Why are schools now the first choice of places to shoot up? I had a huge discussion about this stuff with my daughter over this past week...
  7. Bump stock taking letter

    The whole premise of this new law is contrary to the constitution anyway. If they actually wanted any semblance of compliance they should be offering fair market value as in any other situation where the state requires you to give up legally owned property. Of course there would always be...
  8. City of Chicopee expands LTC documentation requirements.

    That’s what actually stopped me from applying back in the early 90’s when I first took the classes. At the time, my town was requiring 3 letters of reference. Being a young guy, I didn’t feel right having to ask neighbors or friends to write a letter saying I should be allowed to own guns. It...
  9. Geissele Triggers on Sale for Halloween: 20% OFF!!!

    You wouldn’t happen to have that code, would you?
  10. Help me find new grips for my 1911.

    I love the look of that!i haven’t seen that model yet, only the two tone commander size PC.
  11. Finally a Cloverleaf!!!!

    I’ve been wanting one of those precision rifles for awhile now, and you just reminded me of it again, thanks... now my wallet is going to take another hit...[rolleyes] Oh well... and very nice shooting btw![smile]
  12. Any interest in some customized NES Logo or Gun Club logo shooting rests?

    Those are really cool. Can you set up a group buy of these maybe with the NES logo, or zombie response team, etc? I mean the price is decent enough, but I’d bet you could sell a ton with a group buy especially if it was a slight discount, or free shipping, or something like that.
  13. Wilson Combat - Awesome response

    Awesome! Wish there were more like you! I hope to do you business with you at some point![wink]
  14. Shot a bump stock AR today

    This 100,000%!!!
  15. Help me find new grips for my 1911.

    Holy crap, I didn’t think I needed new grips until I saw that site! Wow!
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