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  1. NES membership karma.

    What a great post - Not In
  2. Wall with Mexico and Cordless Tools

    Nope !!!, You need to make the drones armed, and allow the internet warriors to have kill shots to get credit ... f***em !!!
  3. More police protecting and serving

    I don't agree with you on many things. That said, and without knowing more details, we are on the same page here !!!
  4. Ben Shapiro: Right-wing hero or opportunistic zero?

    i like just about anybody that pisses on liberals ...[rofl][rofl][rofl]
  5. NES Brain trust re. Sports Afield 36 gun safe

    Hello Borg Collective, Gun safe question (and yes I know that Sports Afield (SA) is cheap Chinesium). But I'm on a very tight budget trying to help three daughters thru college simultaneously. Nevertheless, I've long outgrown my 24(?) gun safe (yes, I partially blame @bgoum for his Henry group...
  6. Democrats steal Virginia - You're next

    The Stupidity is STRONG with this one
  7. Lori Laughlin

    Dayum, now I want a (that) trophy ;)
  8. Seeing a therapist?

    Absolutely seek help, but .... - OFF GRID. Divorce is hell - so is the aftermath. Pay cash. Don't open yourself to the system !!!
  9. Tennessee chronicles.. Ammo, magazines, tannerite... Edit post xxx

    Was that an ANTIFA cuck/cock in the road? [rofl][rofl][rofl]
  10. Could use a little actual thoughts and prayers.

  11. I've Been Nominated to Run for the NRA Board

    Life member here (& member of GOAL). I know you will work to reform the NRA. You have all of my votes (bullet). Go get em !!!
  12. SPAM phone calls

    THIS !!! And if someone NOT in my contact list thinks its important enough, they can leave a voice mail (guess what, the callers from unknown numbers seemingly never do leave a VM)
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