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  1. Looking for a place to shoot.

    What about Smith and Wesson?
  2. I need your thoughts on conceal carry purses, and if you want , my gun:)

    Thanks for the info. I like the first one...:)
  3. I need your thoughts on conceal carry purses, and if you want , my gun:)

    I'm surprised more women here aren't interested in this for carry. if you watch the videos, it's pretty impressive how fast you can draw and shoot, for a newbie. I ordered oNe and am anxiously waiting for it to come in. It will work great for me for summertime. I carry a BG 380, so for me i...
  4. I need your thoughts on conceal carry purses, and if you want , my gun:)

    After reading a few reviews, I have ordered this item. It's perfect for me at the gym, and in the summer when I wear shorts since i dont wear a belt and can't holster my BG 380 .
  5. What AR do you own and why

    2 tone Spikes Tactical. It was a gift from my boyfriend........:)
  6. "Night Stand" Pistol locations/Storage question

    I have 2 of these and also the next model up with the night light that goes on when opened. They open quicker than anything else on the market in my opinion. Very easy and the best if you have children in your house and need the security with fast access. They also come with a cable to secure...
  7. Home Invasion Hypothetical: What Would You Do?

    Very good discussion here. I was leaning towards the retreat angle, but after reading your thoughts MassMark, I very much agree with your thought process.....
  8. I need your thoughts on conceal carry purses, and if you want , my gun:)

    Hi, i have the exact purse that you showed with the side view of the gun compartment. It is brand new, never been used. I bought it thinking I would use it, but don't like the idea of having a gun not always under my direct control. Purses are left on the counter, sometimes the back of the...
  9. .380 Auto for my wife

    If she's not going to CCW, how about a Glock 26? Easy trigger pull, small enough for a womans hands. I know, as I have one and yes, I am a woman. It has a much better trigger than the BG 380 that I carry.
  10. Range Report: S&W Bodyguard 380

    I have smaller hands, I shoot with 3 fingers. Ha ha.
  11. Range Report: S&W Bodyguard 380

    I have had my BG for 2 months as my carry gun. Before this, I carried a Micro Desert Eagle. I love the BG. Have shot 250 rounds thru the BG with no problems. I find it to be very accurate and the trigger is Wonderful compared to the trigger on my MDE.
  12. Bedside Safe - what and why?

    I use the bio gunvault with the finger buttons. I cut the side of the nightstand draw out. I pull the draw out, push the easy quick code, and the door instantly opens with a small light inside. I can do all this while laying in bed very quickly as I practice regularly.
  13. Took my kids to the range for the first time today.

    Love it!! And love the dresses to go with the gun! Nice attire for shooting, more girls should do that! :)
  14. Valley Sports in Easthampton, Closing Rumors......??????

    Yes, I was at Valley Sports Sunday and talked to Tim. His story is as the others have mistake by an employee 8 years ago. Given an hour to make a choice, too expensive to fight and then if he wins, he would be red flagged forever. He said they appeared to be on a witch hunt. :(...
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