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  1. Looking to buy my first Chronograph

    I need some input on buying my first Chronograph. I would like to use it for both rifle and pistol, as well on a few occasions, pellet guns. I have seen the Shooting Chrony's F-1 Chronograph around the range allot. It seems to be a popular one, but... I don’t know Jack about chronographs at...
  2. Recommended powder for 308

    I do know of others who love Reloader 15 and use it for 223 and 308 loads - - - Updated - - - I do know of others who love Reloader 15 and use it for 223 and 308 loads
  3. Recommended powder for 308

    I use 40.5 grains of IMR 4895, on a 168 grain Seirra Match King BTHP, At 200 yards you can get then to touch, PM me if you want OAL and or the O-Give lenght. I made them to be the same lenght of Federal Gold Metal Match. I am shooting a Remington 700 PSS, and it loves the Federal so I made...
  4. A smilie for EddieCoyle to use

    That is cool, can you make one for Dillon lovers?
  5. Reloading Bench Accessory

    The Dillons do look to be mounted backwards, maybe he is left handed
  6. Looking foir a new Range Bag

    That is a very good point.
  7. Looking foir a new Range Bag

    I need a new range bag to teach the NRA pistol classes. The bag I am currently using is a Duluth Trading Post electricians bag with a ton of pockets, but none of them zipper closed. I have been checking around and I really like the Midway Competition Bag, it is a large and roomie bag for a...
  8. Colt Government 1911 with rail in 22 cal

    Thank you for the reply and the link, I will let you know how well it shoots as soon as I get it I will check out the review when I get home from work, most sites are blocked
  9. Colt Government 1911 with rail in 22 cal

    So I have an opportunity to purchase a new in box Colt Government 1911 with rail in 22 cal. The price is below dealer cost, so I want to jump on it ASAP. Does anyone have one and what are the pros and cons if any, I would use it for plinking and trigger time indoors in the winter. Thanks for...
  10. MANTICORE ARMS INC. MSAR STG-556 Charging Handle and scope base

    Recently I purchased a few items from Manticore Arms for my MSAR STG-556. I purchase the Raptor Charging Handle and the Talon 30mm Scope base with the dovetail rings. First off I want to say what a pleasure it was to deal directly with Manticore, and the staff, the website is user friendly and...
  11. Bull pups and Neu-Triggers

    When I get power back I will get some pictures. The piece is pinched over on itself and is affixed to the sear, and not the hammer.
  12. Bull pups and Neu-Triggers

    So I own two bull pups a STG-556 and a FS-2000. They both share the same problem, the trigger pull is heavy and stiff. This week I purchased and installed a "NEU-Trigger" in both of them. The STG-556 had a trigger pull off the scale of my RCBS spring trigger gauge. The FS-2000 was almost the...
  13. Just bought FS2000

    Congrats, it is a fun gun to shoot. See if you can pick up a Judo-Chop alumunim charging handle replacement. It is a nice addition to the gun, makes it easyer to pull back the handle. Here is a link to a post here on NES...
  14. How long to Go Green?

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