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  1. Need advice for building a ar for a women

    Make it a 6.8, best thing the Mr did on my AR. Also got a magpul ctr stock on it
  2. Something amazing happened to my son the other day

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this.
  3. Now I have seen it all

    There are a pair in Plymouth at the Ellis Haven campground. They have been there along with goats and who knows what else in an area near the street. Occasionally one escapes and causes chaos in the morning. ..
  4. when seconds count....

    [smile]Dupe police
  5. Antibiotics: It's important to know this

    What happens to him is every man's nightmare[crying]
  6. The 2014-2015 Bruins Megathread

    Not so sure Bergy hurt. They might just be resting him after he scored # 30. Unfortunately, I think it will be quite awhile until we see Pialle for quite awhile. Not sure he knew what planet he was on.
  7. Medical Training

    2 hours. Then we drop the tourniquet. Fwiw Realized already said. Put one one, call EMS. Learn first aid and CPR as someone said. Agreed, no need for fancy classes
  8. Plymouth motorcycle officer dies in crash.

    As many times after a real winter, the roads are a complete mess. RIP Officer Maloney - - - Updated - - - Who knows....He could have had a heart attack or another medical emergency. Food for thought....
  9. Beijing hotel workers fed up with Obama entourage

    still can't give June 4th more reputation ..
  10. GOAL Howie Carr Event - (firearm door prize)

    and exactly what good will this do gun owners ? How are you helping the cause? Or are you just going to sit there and complain about what people are trying to do?
  11. Don't you love the Globe?

    So, since I'm a female....I wasted my time with the class and got my ltc for nothing? I could have just as easily walked in and just bought the gun?[rolleyes] *@#$$ lunatics
  12. is there a doctor in the house?

    Serious? Doubt you picked up a bug, sounds like you went in for your first gallbladder attack. That will make you feel like crap, also the meds etc. Second, agree with everyone about the diet, take it easy. Since you have gallstone, it can usually only get worse. See a surgeon and get that...
  13. The Official Random Thoughts Thread

    Why is my kid into watching curling?
  14. A Rant, if I may....

    had a pretty crappy day, wasted money going to the Bruins....and I just laughed my ass off [rofl] Thanks...
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