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  1. Discontinued for 2022 - CZ-97B and BD Series

    I own a 97B from 2002. I put a CGW package in it years ago. It is the easiest shooting, most fantastic gun I own, aside from the 9mm SP-01 I also put a CGW kit in to. I weigh 250 pounds and am am 5' 7". I am fat and slow. And I know that. But I regularly qualify with my 97B for my license...
  2. My first victim

    It will be real funny when the next crash comes and those stickers are pointing at $2.00 gas. Hilarious.
  3. Possible double charge in 45acp

    Powder Cop.
  4. Rhode Island Considers Mag Capacity Limit, Assault Weapon Ban, Other Gun Laws

    I disagree. RI is not a shithole. It's a beautiful place. But it 95% of it's residents and all of it's politicians are shitheads!
  5. RI Raimondo is Coming For Your Guns

    In RI, you can carry a concealed weapon on school property if you have a permit. Last year the asshat governor issued a policy statement (EO) which said guns in schools were banned for everyone. If they find you have one, the principal can ask you to leave but you are not breaking the law...
  6. Holstered pistol fires when guy bends over

    All of my striker fired pistols also have safeties. You pay a little bit more and you don't have access to every pistol out there but I prefer the safety margin of the safety...
  7. h&k vp9

    I have one. I love the way it feels in my hand but have not taken it out enough to really shoot it well. I am mostly a hammer guy so the striker guns take a little getting used to for me. That said, I recently picked up an FNS-9 and with a tiny amount of work it's a great pistol. I shoot it...
  8. Midway is Down the Toilet

    I guess you didn't bother to read any of the intervening discussion and missed the point where I mentioned that even Geissele was selling there Tavor Surpa trigger for $280 (as was Primary and PSA and EVERYONE) but Midway has it jacked up to $315. That's a $35 ripoff.
  9. Midway is Down the Toilet

    Well it was pretty clear when I got to the checkout, that's for sure. I generally avoid them because they are always out of stock and prices are higher than most everywhere else. But free shipping is free shipping. To start slapping on exceptions is a con. I think my last order from them was...
  10. Midway is Down the Toilet

    As I live in RI, I can buy bullets through the mail. Midway USA is running a free shipping event for Labor Day. So I put a bunch of Berry's bullets in my cart, only to find out they are too "heavy" for free shipping. Midway charges $67 for 250 .45. If I buy two boxes, they hit me with $22...
  11. Anti-Gun Utah Professor

    Really? Ok, I'm going to pull my big old pistol on a slap it on my lap in your 3x3 square. Your move.
  12. I hate this state (CT)

    You sir, are proof of the failure of the American educational system.
  13. Bad day at the range with the 357

    I'm reading through the commentary here and it's hilarious. People that have zero experience with Ruger making broad and incorrect generalizations, folks who have no idea that a .38 special revolver can't take a .357 mag cartridge, the assumption that a 1970-1980 Ruger revolver had MIM parts...
  14. I hate this state (CT)

    Well, that's just stupid. I'm pretty sure my ancestors who washed ashore in Guilford in 1670 as English planters would agree that you're an idiot. And my 13 Connecticut ancestors who fought from Bunker Hill to West Point and Yorktown would agree. But that said, Conn. (the way we abbreviated...
  15. NRA supports violation of due process of rights

    NRA's Gun Violence Restraining Order Support: A Good Move | National Review This is the most respectable Conservative news organization in America. And while you may not like if they support the legislation, they even point out that it only encourages states to pass their own legislation...
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