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  1. George Floyd Protests to Riots to Looters - the Local Edition

    anyone know where I can find a scanner app for Woburn.
  2. Target Sports Delivering Again

    Placed 2 Orders, 3/17 and 3/18 both were delivered yesterday. I did revive an email telling me 380 was back in stock yesterday. (I do have prime) Let’s see how long that takes to ship.
  3. Arlington CoP retiring in January

    Is he actually retiring, or will he change his mind at the last minute again.
  4. Looking for an orthopedic ( knee replacement ) surgeon

    Excellent choice, Dr Talmo replaced both mine.
  5. Torn rotator cuff MEGATHREAD!!!

    One of labors that works for one my subs fell and did not report it for 3 weeks. He did get comp, always always file a report when something happens. The report goes nowhere but it covers you in case it is something serious. The sleeping does suck. I recently had a full tear torn bicep torn...
  6. The handshake - a dying art?

    I shake many hands during the day, I know I shouldn't but I judge a person by how they shake my hand. My daughter will always prep anyone who she wants meet to meet they have to pass the handshake test. Attached is how it should be done
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