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  1. Match Videos

    Be careful Once you shoot one, you will want one.
  2. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    I bought more Oxy and some Marathon today. Plus some GE, for a long term bet that it will eventually recover. Or maybe I'll ride it into the ground
  3. DNC Bombarding me with YouTube adds

    Every single add is from him. I have yet to see any others
  4. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    The garbage can might just be Trash Pandas pulling out food
  5. Four guns every man should own

    I did, the Kimber wouldn't go forward when released
  6. Four guns every man should own

    Fake new, Terrorist can't have ham or bacon
  7. Anyone else Garmin not working right

    A lot of stuff is down
  8. Gun owners vs. Shooters

    Do sporting clay shooters still look down on both Trapezoids and Skeeters? As an Action shooter and Sporting clay shooter, should I be doubling down on my snobbery to Trap shooters?
  9. Gun owners vs. Shooters

    Who are the Trapezoids? I'd hate to think I'm missing out on a group to look down on
  10. USAA Commercial Onslaught

    Its open to some government employees that haven't served in the military
  11. What do you consider a good group at about 30'?

    Distance does magnify issues, but if you don't know what those issues are, you aren't going to solve them. When you can shoot a nice tight group in close, then start moving out slowly. Its tempting to ty to make big jumps in distance, but it can be a waste of time and ammo
  12. How & where to git gud during COVID?

    Yeah, pre and post ignition push is a bitch. Get it right and its awesome, get it wrong and you get a nice flinch. It's one of the reasons, snap cap and dummy drills don't work. They can distinguish between the pre or post ignition. Glad you got a lesson and from a GM.
  13. How & where to git gud during COVID?

    Elbows out, elbows down. One more bent than the other. Play around with it until the gun tracks straight.
  14. How & where to git gud during COVID?

    Its usually not a cause of too much recoil, its that the gun doesn't come back to where it started. Work on your grip, pressure and elbow position to get the gun to return to point of aim.
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