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  1. Any experts in getting photos from iPhone to iCloud and then to PC?
  2. Thanksgiving Spreads

    Small gathering this year - probably just the wife and I, but all three kids will be home this year which is awesome Plans are to smoke a turkey - with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc ...then use the weekend to set up the backyard hockey rink
  3. The President Trump Megathread
  4. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    What an a$$hat
  5. Conservative Social Media and Media Outlets

    Breitbart and One America News is on my daily read list
  6. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    Horrible customer service As mentioned above I would do a credit charge chargeback
  7. Backyard Rinks - Who's got them?

    So who is putting up a rink this year? We will start installing probably thanksgiving weekend or the weekend before that Ordered the liner early this year, just incase there were any shortages/delays Post Installation from a couple of years ago: Finished product: As always fingers...
  8. DRONES ?

    Thinking of the mavic mini2 is the anti-avoidance sensors of the more expensive mavic drones worth the extra bucks? - the mini is in a pretty good price spot
  9. Who's going to ignore everything tomorrow?

    Probably the same here - went to bed in 2016 expecting the worse and woke up to MAGA. This year expecting controversy and a delay in results, but hoping to wake up Wednesday and find out that we indeed had a red wave and 4 more years
  10. Swordsman Dressed In Medieval Clothing Kills Two In Quebec

    More info Stated he had a katana and dressed in black like a Ninja
  11. YouTube TV Now $65/mo, Other streaming services?

    The NESN drop might do it for me - have an antenna in the attic and can stream everything else I guess
  12. New acquisitions October - 2020

  13. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    It wasn't even that long ago for me....granted it's PMC bronze, but 18c (well .20 with shipping) per round Mid March this year
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